Decorative Anchors 

Natural Wooden Anchor MP-316
Antique Anchor MP-678
24"H. Natural Wooden
Anchor MP-316

Qty: Price: $39.99

20" x 14" Antique Wooden
Anchor MP-678

Qty: Price: $39.99

24" Styrofoam Anchor SF-02

24" Styrofoam Anchor with 50"of Chain. Since this is Styrofoam this makes the perfect hanging decoration for that nautical room.
24" Styrofoam Anchor
with 50" of Chain SF-02

Qty: Price: $42.99

Large Anchor MP-689
wooden Decorative Anchor MP-313
26.5" H Wooden Anchor

Qty: Price: $42.99

14.75" Decorative Anchor

Qty: Price: $32.99

Decorative wall Anchor MP-662
Anchor Plaque  MP-660
11.5 inch Decorative Anchor W/Lobster MP-662
Qty: Price: $24.99

27.5" x 16" Anchor Plaque

Qty: Price: $42.99

Decorative Anchor Wall Clock TK-309
Anchor TK-292
22" x 14" Anchor Clock TK-309
Qty: Price: $49.99

18" x 12" Anchor Clock TK-292
Qty: Price: $44.99

Anchor MP-681
Anchor Thermometer  GH-202

Wooden Wall Anchor WA-05
Anchor Candle Holder
  9.5” x 4.5” x 3.5”
Anchor Hanger w/Thermometer
5" x 9" 
Wooden Wall Anchor
8" X 6"
Anchor Candle Holder MP-681
Qty: Price: $27.99
Anchor Hanger w/Thermometer

Qty: Price: $19.99
Wooden Wall Anchor WA-05
Qty: Price: $19.99

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