Ornamental Lawn Buoys

Lawn ornamental buoys

Give you backyard or patio that nautical touch with our solar powered yard Buoys. Each yard Buoy is made from Fiberglass and PVC. These ornamental Buoys are the perfect nautical decoration . Place it next to your garden or pond. Or use it as a stand alone yard ornament. The base is made of fiberglass for strength and durability, and the tower is constructed from PVC, so it will not warp, crack or rust even in harsh weather conditions. Our Buoys come with two (2) eight inch powder coated anchors to secure the buoy in place for heavy winds and or theft. Each Buoy comes with a solar light that gives a beautiful soft glow from dusk to dawn

Available in two sizes 28" and 54"

Available only in Red or Green
Single digit numbers are available
on the number plate.

Green = Odd Numbers # 1,3,5,7,9

Red = Even Numbers # 2,4,6,8

28" PVC Ornamental Buoy,
Available in Red or Green
Base Diameter 12", Sign =3 7/8" x 3 7/8"
54" PVC Ornamental Buoy
Available in Red or Green
Base Diameter 24", Sign =8"w x 7"h
28" PVC Ornamental Buoy,
Qty: Price: $139.00
Shipping: $39.99

54" PVC Ornamental Buoy
Qty: Price: $209.00
Shipping: $89.99


Decorative Buoys

Accent your cabin, study or den with one of our charming decorative buoys. It will look great when combined with other nautical items. Besides, fishermen color and stamp their buoys to recognize their traps from others.

Ornamental Buoys
Decorative Buoy

20" Buoy BY-01
Qty: Price: $29.00
Shipping: $16.99

10" x 4.5" Wooden Buoys

Qty: Price: $30.00
Shipping: $16.99

11" Buoy BY-02
Qty: Price: $23.00
Shipping: $14.99
Red Buoy
Blue Buoy
Decorative Buoy
25"x 5" Red Buoy

Qty: Price: $33.00 Shipping: $16.99
25"x 5" Blue Buoy

Qty: Price: $33.00 Shipping: $16.99

14" x 4.5" Buoy

Qty: Price: $27.00 Shipping: $16.99
Ornamental Buoys set of 6
 Nautical Buoys set of 6
4.5" Wooden Buoys set of 6

Qty: Price: $20.00
Shipping: $11.99
6" Wooden Buoys set of 6

Qty: Price: $22.00
Shipping: $11.99

Although buoys have long been used by fisherman in fishing along the entire Coast line , the wooden buoys used by the Maine coast lobsterman have a unique and storied past. Buoys are the visible brands of range. Cutting or stealing a lobster buoy in Maine is considered worse than cattle rustling. Bullets have been fired in anger and boats of unknown buoy rustlers have settled slowly to the bottom of the sea under a no-telling starry northern smile from the heavens. The Maine law that governs the pilfering of buoys is among the strictest, but if there is one souvenir each Maine tourist covets, it's the lobster buoy.

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