Canoe and Row Boat Furniture

Canoe and Row Boat furniture
High quality detailed handmade nautical furniture that you
have come to expect from The Lighthouse Man

High Quality Solid Cedar Canoe & Row Boat Furniture, The Lighthouse Man now offers the best quality Canoe and Row Boat Furniture on the market. Our nautical boat furniture is made out of hand picked cedar, the shelves are solid cedar, and the sides are grooved cedar panels. The gunnels and trim are all cedar as well. The Boat Bookcase Shelf have matching oarlocks. Our Canoe Shelves have leather laced gunnels, giving them a wonderful outdoor look. Our Lamp/End Table, End Table, Canoe, Boat Coffee Table, and Canoe Sofa Table, all come with removable glass tops making it an ideal place to display collectibles. They make two styles of End Tables one with real paddles for legs and a solid cedar shelf underneath, and the other with log legs and a slated bottom cedar shelf. For an added touch the Boat Coffee Table sits on a little Boat trailer with wood wheels. Where as the Canoe and Sofa Table have log legs with paddle side braces and two paddles for a bottom shelf.

Please Note as of October 2014 our Manufacturer that makes these beautiful Row Boats and Canoe Shelves for us has retired. We are currently working with a new manufacturer and we will be providing new pictures and pricing in the summer of 2015. We have removed all of the Buy it now button on these products. If your interested in ordering please give us a call and we will take your order but again please note we are changing several things like sizing, colors and what the items are made of. We will also be changing from Cedar to another hard wood. They will still be made of a very high quality and will be the best Row Boat and Canoes shelves on the market. If you have any questions please call before you place your order. 10/15/14. Thanks Lighthouse Man

Row Boat Shelves. (Several Different sizes, 10 custom colors)

Row boat Shelves
High Quality Custom Built Row Boat Shelves
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Canoe Shelves

Custom Built Canoe Shelves
High Quality Custom Built Canoe Shelves
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Canoe & Row Boat Tables

Canoe and Row Boat Tables
High Quality Custom Built Canoe & Row Boat Tables
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Row Boat Dressers (Nautical Furniture)

Row Boat Bressers and furniture
High Quality Custom Built Row Boat Dressers
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Nautical Boat Beds
As seen on CBS Big Brother (season 9)

Nautical Boat Bead Furniture
High Quality Custom Built Nautical Boat Beds
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Row Boat Entertainment Centers

Row Boat Entertainment Center / TV Stand
High Quality Custom Built Row Boat Entertainment Centers
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Custom Hand Crafted Row Boat Bars

Row Boat Bars for your Nautical Bar Decor
High Quality Custom Built Row Boat Bars
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Miscellaneous Row Boat Furniture

Misc. Row boat Furniture
High Quality Custom Built Row Boat Gun Racks, Row Boat Wine Racks, Row Boat Fishing Rod Holders, and much more.
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Custom Crafted Oak Row Boats

Oak Row Boats Shelves and furniture
High Quality Custom Built Oak Row boats

Economical Row Boats, (sold in sets only).

Row Boat Shelves set of 4
Decorative Row Boat Shelves (3 different Styles to choose From)

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