Cape Henry, E-line (Enonomy) Lighthouses

Cape Henry E-Line Yard Lighthouse

Cape Henry
E-Line Lighthouse

This lighthouse is manufactured by
"The Lighthouse Man". The "LEADING" manufacturer of Custom Crafted Lawn Lighthouses. Each one of our yard lighthouse ornaments is meticulously handcrafted from synthetic stucco and masonry over a solid foam core making it virtually impervious to the elements. Our E-Line lighthouses feature plastic windows and door that you install. Or you can upgrade to our custom painted windows and doors. Every yard & garden lighthouse is completely hand-painted. We specialize in replicating the actual lighthouse, but we will custom paint any of our lighthouses to match your personal choice or decor. Each lighthouse comes with a standard light, or you may upgrade to wide array of Accessories shown below.

Remember stucco Lighthouses WILL
Last 8 times longer then ANY wooden lighthouse on the market!!!

3' E-line
Cape Henry

Qty: Price: $179.00 Shipping: $59.99
4' E-line
Cape Henry

Qty: Price: $229.00 Shipping: $69.99
5' E-line
Cape Henry

Qty: Price: $269.00 Shipping: $69.99

Don't Forget to add Accessories to your Cape Henry Lighthouse:

Painted Windows and Door

This is our most popular accessory for the E-line lighthouses

Now you can add Painted Windows and doors to your
E-Line Lighthouse !!! When you order an E-line lighthouse it will come standard with plastic windows and doors that you install yourself. Or now you can upgrade and go with our Painted windows and doors. Painted with the same high quality marine paint that will last for years and years... Hand-painted, authentic in appearance!!!

Painted Windows & Door
Qty: Price: $39.99

Revolving Beacons

Deluxe beacon: has a classy black flat finish with one Fresnel lens and 2 mirror backers to project and direct the light through the fresnel lens. Also features an on/off motor switch. Measurements:4"W x 4"L x 6"H.
Deluxe Beacon
Qty: Price: $95.00

Liteman Beacon

Liteman Beacon

Liteman Beacon: Only revolves 8 times per minute. Standard Electric. Comes with a 25 watt bulb or upgrade to our bright Halogen bulb.
Measurements: 4"W x 4"L x 6"H

Liteman Beacon
Qty: Price: $75.00

rotating beacon 01

Beacon 01

Beacon 01 Revolves approximately 14 times per minute. Comes with a 25 watt bulb or upgrade to our bright Halogen bulb. Measurements: 4"W x 4"L x 6"H,

Revolving Beacon 01
Qty: Price: $65.00

Large Revolving Beacon

Large Revolving Beacon

Large Revolving Beacon: This is our most industrial beacon we offer.
Measurements: 8"W x 8"L x 8"H, Revolves approximately 12 times per minute.

Large Revolving Beacon
Qty: Price: $179.00

Click on Beacons for more information and replacement part

Solar Powered Fresnel Beacon

Solar Beacon Solar Beacon: This beacon is totally solar powered, NO pesky electrical wires or clumsy extensions cord to run. Our solar beacons require no maintenance or servicing for at least five years. Available in Blinking or Non Blink. .

Solar Beacon
Qty: Price: $179.00
Lighting Option:
Non Blinking

Click Solar Beacon for more information and pictures

Fresnel Electric Lens

Electric Fresnel Lens
Lighthouse Fresnel Lens: Electric The Lighthouse Man, now offers the first lawn lighthouse fresnel lens.  That is correct this is a actual real fresnel lens that projects the light in the same manor  a real lighthouse does.  This light features an 8000 hour, 40 watt electric traffic light bulb with a diode to double the life expectancy.  (This is the same light bulb they use in traffic lights before LED bulbs) This light was designed by the Lighthouse Man and is built to fit inside any yard or garden lighthouse.   This lens really adds a beautiful authentic look to any lighthouse.
Fresnel Lens shown in lighthouse top

Fresnel Lens shown inside optional Light 01

Looks just like a real lighthouse !!!

Fresnel Lens
Qty: Price: $75.00

Fresnel Lens Diagram The Diagram to the Left shows how the lens works.  The purpose of the lens is to adjust, alter, bend, and focus the light rays from the source and form a concentrated beam of light.

The Fresnel lens, developed in 1822 by Augustine Fresnel, was the most magnificent lighthouse lens ever made. It was used at many of the world's most famous lighthouses. These awe-inspiring glass marvels fascinate both those with a casual interest as well as the serious lighthouse buff. The beauty of the Fresnel lens has been captured in this model, which will make a great addition to any lawn lighthouse

Lighthouse Rock Base / Well Cover

Rock Base for Garden Lighthouses

We now make the Rock Base with a hollow portion so you can cover a pipe or hide an unsightly well cap. Conceals objects as large as 9.5" in diameter and 9" tall. Now anchor your lawn lighthouse to our Rock Base. No need to pour a concrete slab or lag bolt your lighthouse to a secure surface. Simply attach your lighthouse to our beautiful rock base. You will be amazed how our Real stone base brings an element of realism and authenticity to any yard, garden, deck, pool, or lakeside location. Features real stone and cemetery grout that is built to last for a lifetime. Base Measurements 35" x 35" by 11" high & weighs approximately 80 lbs. Stone base will work on all 3'-5' Custom Crafted and E-Line Stucco Lighthouses. Manufactured by the "Lighthouse Man" The "LEADER" in Custom Crafted Lighthouses.

Rock Base
Qty: Price: $219.00


Remote Control / Electric Timer

Remote Control for Lighthouse Remote Control On/Off Switch: Turn on/off your lighthouse from the comforts of your home. With our new Remote Control you will never have to go out in the cold or heat again to turn on/off your lighthouse. "Receiver battery included"
Remote Specifications: 150' Transmission Range :Plugs into any standard 110 electrical outlet
Remote Control On/Off
Qty: Price: $35.00

Electric TimerElectronic Outdoor Timer: The prefect exterior timer. No more forgetting to turn on or off your lighthouse. Simply plug your lighthouse into our exterior timer and just set the unit once and forget about it. Your lighthouse will turn on at dusk and turn off when you want it.
6 settings to choose from: "On": The Lighthouse will Always be On "Dusk-Dawn": Automatically turns your lighthouse on at dark, then off at dawn "2/4/6/8 hrs" Automatically turns lighthouse on at dark then off at 2/4/6/8/hours later.

Electric Timer
Qty: Price: $35.00


Blinker Accessory

This accessory allows your lighthouse to flash on/off.

Blinker for lighthouse

Blinker: Now available for your Lawn Lighthouse. The Blinker calibrates the electricity coming in the light and allows the light to blink. Making it look as an authentic lighthouse light. The blinker simply attaches to your electrical plug.


Qty: Price: $10.00


Low Voltage for your Yard Lighthouse

Low Voltage lighting optionLow Voltage Lawn Lighthouses:
The Lighthouse Man now offers "Low Voltage Lighthouses. Now you can get any of our Lighthouses with Low Voltage Lights. Simply attach our lighthouse to your existing Low Voltage garden lights. Then your lighthouse and garden lights will work together on the same 12 volt power unit. Our Low voltage Lighthouses come with a connector box to connect the lighthouse to your existing system and a 10w Halogen bulb. The 10w Halogen bulb offers similar brightness to an 18w incandescent bulb.

Low Voltage Kit
Qty: Price: $25.00

*** Free Color Change *** Change colors of your Lighthouse to to match your decor. Our garden lighthouses are hand-painted to replicate actual lighthouses, but we will custom paint any yard lighthouse ornament to match your personal choice or decor at "NO" additional charge. Please view our Color Chart below for available colors. If you would like another color that we do not offer please let us know and we will get it especially for you... Non-Stock Colors: any color that is not listed on our color chart below is $25.00 per color.
32 Custom Colors to choose from........

Color Chart 1-8Color Chart 1-8
Color Chart 1-8Color Chart 1-8
Color Chart 1-8Color Chart 1-8
Color Chart 1-8Color Chart 1-8

Looking for something more detailed???
If so then please check out our Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses
No one has a bigger selection of Lighthouses
then the Lighthouse ManDeluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouses

Advantages of our Economy Stucco lighthouses
over Amish or Wooden lighthouses!

  1. Stucco will last 8 times longer then ANY wooden lighthouse.
  2. Stucco lighthouses are virtually maintenance free.
  3. Stucco Lighthouses are More Authentic and Realistic.
  4. Stucco is more detailed, built to look like the original lighthouse. They are not 6, 8 or even 12 sided like that of the Amish wooden lighthouses.
  5. More Accessories are available with the Stucco Lighthouses.

You get all of these wonderful benefits for the same
price as a Wooden Amish lighthouse !!!

Compare for yourself. Pictured below is a typical 6 sided
Amish Wooden lighthouse made from Pine or T-111 plywood
These lighthouses typically last 1-3 seasons. That is it!!!

low Quality Amish Lighthouses




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