Lighthouse Lamps and Tables

"The Lighthouse Man" offers the largest selection of Lighthouse Lamp and or nautical lamps on the market. Our lamps are highly detailed and are sure to be the focal point of any room. Please check out our wide selection of lighthouse and nautical lamps below. 

Lighthouse Lamps

27" Lighthouse Lamp
27" Lighthouse Lamp: LM-349 for your nautical home or office. The classic image of a lighthouse is featured in this black and white lighthouse with blue trim. Features a canvas shade with blue stitching that matches the trim of the lighthouse. Measures 27"H.
27" Lighthouse Lamp LM-349
Qty: Price: $89.99
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29" Lighthouse Lamp 28" Lighthouse Lamp
29" Lighthouse Lamp LM-872 for your nautical home or office. The stately elegance of the classic form of the protective lighthouse is captured in this 29"H lamp. Black base with navy blue trim it includes a white canvas shade with navy blue stitching and trim 28" Lighthouse Lamp: LM-452 This striking black and white lighthouse makes a bold additional to any beach house.
Measures 8" x 28"H.
29" Lighthouse Lamp LM-872
Qty: Price: $89.99
28" Lighthouse Lamp LM-452
Qty: Price: $89.99

Nautical Lamps

20" Ship Wheel Lamp 16" Binnacle Clock Lamp
20" Ship Wheel Lamp: LM-800 Our Wooden Wheel Lamp is a must for any sailors home. This rustic ships wheel rests upon the lamp base. Great for any nautical themed room. Measures 12" x 12" x 20"H. 15.75" Binnacle Clock Lamp: LM-181 for your nautical home or office. This old style Binnacle lamp base features a functional clock in place of a compass. A charmingly rustic addition to any nautical themed room. Measures 10" x 15.75"H.
20" Ship Wheel Lamp LM-800
Qty: Price: $74.99
15.75" Binnacle Lamp

Qty: Price: $89.99
20" Sailboat Lamp 21" Boat Lamp
20" Sailboat Lamp: LM-272 This handsome sailboat lamp features a wood base with a trimmed out sailboat complete with oars resting under a rectangular shaped shade with navy blue rope accents. A nice lamp for a boys room or any room in a beach house. 21" Boat Lamp: LM-820 This modern style sailboat lamp features a shade that doubles as the sail of the ship. Fishnetting accents the center of the boat. Measures 13" x 5" x 21"H.
20" Sailboat Lamp LM-272
Qty: Price: $89.99
21" Boat Lamp LM-820
Qty: Price: $72.99
20" Reel Rope Lamp  
20" Reel Lamp: LM-835 This whitewashed fishing reel lamp features a cream colored rope accent matching the shade.
Measures 8"D x 20"H.
20" Reel Lamp LM-835
Qty: Price: $72.99
30" Swordfish Lamp 34" Seahorse Lamp
30" Swordfish Lamp: LM-645 The source of many great fishermen stories, the Swordfish is one of the great catches a fisherman can make in his lifetime. The free spirit of this fish is captured in this unique lamp. Includes a decorative accent shade. Measures 30"H.
34" Seahorse Lamp: LM-662 The graceful elegance of the seahorse is captured in this nautical lamp. Decorative accent shells adorn its tail, head and fin. Includes a decorative shade that matches the color of the seahorse. Measures 34"H.
30" SwordFish Lamp LM-645
Qty: Price: $119.99
34" Seahorse Lamp LM-662
Qty: Price: $119.99

Lighthouse Table


26" Lighthouse Table: TB-904 For your nautical home or office. Why use a regular end table in your beach house when you can use a lighthouse! This whitewashed wood lighthouse stands approximately 26" high and includes a 20.5" diameter top. A fun addition to family room or porch.


26" Lighthouse Table TB-904
Qty: Price: $109.99

Please Check out our large beautiful Lighthouse Floor Lamps Below:

Lighthouse Floor Lamps

Lighthouse Floor Lamps

ustom Crafted Lighthouse Floor Lamps:
No beach house or coastal cottage is complete without a striking Floor Lamp. Our Authentic lighthouse replicas will definitely add that nautical touch to your decor. Measures 18" at base and is a total 6' in height. Available in Several different styles:( Cape Hatteras, Assateague, Fenwick, Montauk, Barnegat, Cape Lookout, Cape Henry, and many more) Custom Lighthouse lamps are welcome!!!

Light Function: Turn the switch on and the night light in the tower and the LED Windows "If ordered" turn on. Turn the switch again and the lamp turns on, then turn the switch again and everything lights up. Very beautiful and functional piece. The night light and LED windows make a beautiful soft light .
"Lamp Shade not included" Night light = 7 watts
Lamp light = 100 watts the purchase of a 5' Custom Lighthouse!!! Other Sizes and styles available !!!
Lamp Shade Not Included!!!

Deluxe Lighthouse Floor Lamp
Qty: Price: $574.99 Shipping: $69.99
Lighthouse with Base Floor Lamps:

Standard Body Lighthouse Floor Lamp
Qty: Price: $549.99 Shipping: $69.99
Standard Body Lighthouse Floor Lamps:

Oak Lighthouse Floor Lamp

Oak Lighthouse Floor Lamp
Oak Lighthouse Floor Lamp: This lighthouse is made with natural oak and trimmed in Walnut. This lighthouse also features a magazine rack. This is a very beautiful piece and finely handcrafted. Base Dimensions 18" from flat to flat
The table top is approximately 25" Total Height is 70"
Shade is Approximately 17" high and 16" wide
Lighthouse comes with a 3 way bulb 50-100-150 watt
Oak Lighthouse Floor Lamp
Qty: Price: $459.99 Shipping: $149.99

Deluxe Floor Lamps Additional Pictures:

Cape Hatteras Floor Lamps
Cape Hatteras Floor Lamp
Assateague Floor Lamp
Assateague Floor Lamp
Fenwick Floor Lamps
Fenwick Floor Lamp


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