Deluxe Lighthouse Stucco Mailboxes 

Lighthouse Stucco Post Mount Mailboxes: You expect to see lighthouses in coastal regions, but did you ever imagine seeing one at the end of your driveway? You will be delighted with this handmade Lighthouse Mailbox. Capturing the timeless magnificence of a lighthouse, the solar powered miniature lighthouse model that sits atop the mailbox is aesthetically captivating and charming. This is the perfect gift for that lighthouse enthusiast.
Constructed of Synthentic Stucco and built to last. Hand painted finish, Painted Windows and Doors on the lighthouse. Real windows with glass and curtains in the mailbox. Solar Powered Light with patented light sensing technology eliminates the need for separate photo control.
Stays on up to 12 hours. Easy instillation. Measurements: (20"L x 11.5"W x 35.5"H)
Deluxe Lighthouse Stucco Mailboxes
Qty: Price: $195.00 Shipping: $39.99

Lighthouse Styles:

Kevin's Custom Crafts "The Lighthouse Man"
340 Hoffa Mill Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837