Polywood Wishing Wells

Polywood  Wishing Wells (Maintenance Free) Built to last a lifetime !!!

Our Polywood Wishing Wells are not like anything else out there!  We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and color combinations to appeal to whatever you desire. Each wishing well is hand crafted for the perfect authentic look. With a heavy polywood base, it is built sturdy to hold up against harsh winds and last you a lifetime of enjoyment. We only use the best quality polywood that is properly handled and cut to withstand all the elements of the great outdoors. The roofing material for all of our Polywood Wishing Wells comes standard with our beautiful maintenance rubber slate material. The Lighthouse Man’s attention to detail shows in every wishing well with expert artistry, simple yet distinctive cuts, and the stunning center drop bucket which can be used as a planter for a beautiful flower display. Brighten up your front yard, garden, or patio today! All of our Polywood Wishing Wells are maintenance free and shipping is free.  Available in sizes small, large, and jumbo.


Small Poly Wishing Well
Qty: Price: $625.00
Poly Base Colors:
Poly Trim Colors:
Large Poly Wishing Well
Qty: Price: $932.00
Poly Base Colors:
Poly Trim Colors:
Jumbo Poly Wishing Well
Qty: Price: $1275.00
Poly Base Colors:
Poly Trim Colors:

Add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your landscaping or accent your garden with this hand crafted Amish Poly Wood Wishing Well. They are constructed from Poly Wood and come with your choice of base and trim colors.  All of our wishing wells are open at the bottom so that they will conveniently fit over well pipes or any other unsightly pipes you may want to cover.

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks.
*Lead times does not include shipping

Yes, that’s right, no more staining or painting! When using plastic lumber (Polywood), you are helping the environment as well as utilizing a long lasting, maintenance-free product. It is resistant to all insects, termites, boring worms, microbe activities, and wet rot found in outdoor environments. It will not split, splinter, or rot. It does not absorb moisture or promote bacterial or barnacle growth. This resistance is accomplished without any hazardous chemicals as those utilized in the pressure treatment of wood.