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5 Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Qty: Price: $619.00

The Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse comes in a standard 5′ version.  The lighthouse is actually 4’10” we just call it a 5′ model.  All other sizes will be considered a Custom Special Order.  Please E-Mail the Lighthouse Man for pricing and turnaround time.  Please note: anything larger then the 5′ version will have to ship via motor freight as the overall dimensions are to large for common carriers like Fed Ex or UPS.

Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Man is proud to offer the Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse as part of our signature line of lawn and garden lighthouses that set the industry standard for excellence in both quality and authenticity. This beautiful reproduction is handcrafted using a solid foam core covered by synthetic stucco. It is carefully hand-painted using marine-grade paint to accurately recreate the markings of the actual lighthouse. Highly weather-resistant, this lawn lighthouse will last up to 8 times longer than any wooden lighthouse. The Lighthouse Man is widely recognized for our close attention to detail in producing each Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse. Six-paneled doors, windows fitted with glass and charming curtains are meticulously installed. Two-tier catwalks topped by our exclusive cast aluminum top complete the expertly-designed Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse. Each is standard equipped with a 40 watt light that provides continuous illumination using standard 110 electric.

As part of our most authentic line of lawn lighthouses, the Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse is fully customizable with our full-range of lighting options. Consider taking your garden replica to the next level with one of our rotating beacons or impress and delight friends and neighbors with illuminated windows with our LED lights! We can even help you connect to an existing outdoor low voltage system or cut the cord completely with our top of the line solar beacons that can last 14 days on a full-charge! At the Lighthouse Man, we stock an inventory of 35 different paints and will change the color of the lighthouse markings, or even the markings themselves, to meet your taste or décor at no additional cost. Whether you have a small patio or flower garden, or a large yard or pond, we offer the Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse in a variety of sizes to best suit the needs of your outdoor space.

Yaquina Head Deluxe Stucco Yard Lighthouse

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