Polywood and Wooden Windmills

"The Lighthouse Man" now features a large selection of Polywood Windmills. These exterior lawn windmills are built from high quality Poly wood that is 100% maintenance free.
What is Polywood? Polywood is simply recycled plastics. Plastics like milk jugs water bottles etc that are recycled into polywood. The finished product are made to look like real lumber.
Why is polywood better? It is a maintenance free product, built to last a lifetime! It will not splinter, crack, or fade and needs NO painting. The color is all the way through the product

Our polywood windmill will be a beautiful addition to your lawn! Since this windmill is made of polywood, it is bult to last and stand the test of time. It will be unharmed by rain, snow, saltwater, and sand! These windmills have an unique swivel top and fin on the back which makes the top swivel. Height of the 4' medium unit is approximately 40" to the top of the blade. The height of the 5' large unit is approximately 60" to the top of the blade.
Availabe in 19 maintenance free Colors.
Available in 2 sizes: 4' Medium and a 5' Large:
Measurement is blade height.

Polywood Windmills

Weatherwood & Green
Poly Windmill
Ivory & Brown
Poly Windmill Clay & Black
Poly Windmill Ivory & Lime green
Poly Windmill Green & Ivory
Poly Windmill Green & White
Poly Windmill Ivory & Navy Blue
Poly Windmill Ivory & Red
Poly Windmill Ivory & Weatherwood
Poly Windmill Navy Blue & White
Poly Windmill Purple & White
Poly Windmill Red & White
Poly Windmill White & Bright Blue
Poly Windmill Rainbow
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4' Polywood Windmill
Qty: Price: $209.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

5' Polywood Windmill
Qty: Price: $260.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

Wooden Windmills

Accentuate your landscape with our charming wooden Windmills. Our windmills are sure to create a striking focal point. This handcrafted windmill is fully functional to turn gently in the breeze. Please note: We are no longer doing the painted windmills. If you want a color then you will have to go with our Polywood Windmills. Please note: the small and medium wood windmills do not have the swival or the back arrow.
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Small Wooden Windmill
Dimesnions: Total Height=30"
Bottom inside diameter=5.5"
Inside Height = 15.5"
Medium Wooden Windmill
Dimesnions: Total Height=40"
Bottom inside diameter=8"
Inside Height = 14.25"
Large Wooden Windmill
Dimesnions: Total Height=60"
Bottom inside diameter=10.25"
Inside Height = 15.5" due to interior bracing
Small Wooden Windmill
Qty: Price: $89.00
Medium Wooden Windmill
Qty: Price: $119.00
Large Wooden Windmill
Qty: Price: $179.00



Polywood Windmill Color Options


Windmill Paint Color Chart

As of 1/1/14 we have discontinued all painted windmills. If you want a certain color then we recommed that you go with our Polywood windmills.


Additional Pictures of our Polywood Windmills



Additional Pictures of our Wooden Windmills

Painted Wooden Windmill
Natural Wooden Windmill
Again please note: The 4' models do not have the top housing swival nor the tail.
That is only on the 5' models
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