Wooden Windmills

Windmills have seen some major changes through the years as they have gone from a means of harnessing the wind for power to a time of more decorative use with the coming of electricity and back again to a larger and more sturdy machine to epitomize the natural power of the wind. Here at The Lighthouse Man, we would like to take you back to when windmills were decorative and offer our customers three sizes of the wooden windmills. These wooden windmills will be a beautiful addition to any yard with the four paddle design and wooden rail near the base. The dimensions of the small, medium, and large wooden windmills are listed below with the illustrations.

**Please note that the small and medium wooden windmills do not have the swival and back arrow found on the large design.

Small Wooden Windmill
Dimesnions: Total Height=30″
Bottom inside diameter=5.5″
Inside Height = 15.5″

Medium Wooden Windmill
Dimesnions: Total Height=40″
Bottom inside diameter=8″
Inside Height = 14.25″

Large Wooden Windmill
Dimesnions: Total Height=60″
Bottom inside diameter=10.25″
Inside Height = 15.5″ due to interior bracing

Small Wooden Windmill
Qty: Price: $89.00
Medium Wooden Windmill
Qty: Price: $119.00
Large Wooden Windmill
Qty: Price: $179.00