Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses

Update: Summer of 2022 will be bringing these lighthouses back to production Pictures and pricing coming soon!!!

If you are like most people, you want your lawn to look nice. Lawn mowers and garden rakes strewn about yards, porches, and patios does not constitute a nice looking lawn. How should this be addressed? Why not take a look at our Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses. These Large Lighthouse Storage Sheds are designed to enhance your property while serving a purpose and that purpose is storing all your lawn and gardening equipment. These beautifully built Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses will hold lawn mowers, weed-whackers, shovels, rakes, hoses, and a plethora of other items that would otherwise detract from the beauty of your lawn. Our Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses can also be used to store your children’s outdoor toys like bikes, trikes, and balls for any sport. The Lighthouse and Storage sheds come in a variety of sizes to fit any lawn. Check out our Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses at The Lighthouse Man and amaze yourself at what we can do for your lawn.

These Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses are truly amazing. When you see these lighthouse in person you will be in AHHH.  These lighthouse towers by far will be the focal point of ANY yard, garden, or neighborhood for that matter. You will be the hit of the neighborhood with this wonderfully built handcrafted lighthouses.

Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses
Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses

Pricing for Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses

12′ Lighthouse Tower lone (6’W x 6’L x 12’H) $
12′ Lighthouse With 6′ x 8′ Playhouse (6’W x 12’L x 12’H) $
15′ Lighthouse Tower Alone (6.5’W x 6.5’L x 15’H) $
15′ Lighthouse With 6′ x6′ Playhouse (6.5’W x 10.5’L x 15’H) $
18′ Lighthouse Tower Alone (8’W x 8’L x 18’H) $
18′ Lighthouse With 6′ x6′ Playhouse (8’W x 12’L x 18’H) $
20′ Lighthouse Storage Shed (8’W x 12’L x 20’H) $
25′ Lighthouse Tower Alone (12’W x12’L x 25’H) $
25′ Lighthouse With 8’x10′ Playhouse 5′ Walls
(12’W x 20’L x 25’H)
25′ Lighthouse With 8’x10′ Playhouse 6′ Walls
(12’W x 20’L x 25’H)

Options for your Large Lighthouse

3′ x 6′ Porch (Fits 12′, 15′ & 18′ Playhouses)
3′ x 5′ Porch (Fits 15′ Tower Only)
4′ x 6′ Porch (Fits 18′ Tower Only)
4′ x 8′ Porch (Fits 25′ Playhouse)

Lighting Options:
Conventional 60 watt Bulb
Large Revolving Beacon
12V Solar Powered Revolving Beacon

$ 125.00
$ 260.00
$ 625.00
14′ Super Slide (For 25′ Lighthouse)
4′ Super Slide (For 18′ Lighthouse)
10′ Wave Slide (For 15′ or 25′ Lighthouses)
8′ Wave Slide (For 15′, 18′ & 25′ Lighthouses)
$ 695.00
$ 595.00
$ 305.00
$ 295.00
Extra Windows:
Add an additional window with dormer
Upgrade to a Steel Entrance Door
for (25′ Lighthouse)
$ 115.00 EA
$ 99.00

Vinyl Swing Set Prices:
3 Position A-Frame: —————- $ 425.00
4 Position A Frame: —————- $ 609.00
5 Position A Frame: —————- $675.00

Exterior Paint Upgrades: We will paint your lighthouse to replicate you favorite lighthouse for an additional fee:
West Quoddy:———————————–  $ 400.00
Cape Hatteras, White Shoal,
St. Augustine, Assateague:———————- $ 300.00
Bodie Island, Cape Canaveral, Cape Henry:—- $ 275.00
Oak Island, Fire Island:————————–$ 250.00
Tybee Island, Montauk: ————————- $ 225.00
Barnegat, Nauset Beach: ————————$ 200.00
Cape May, Split Rock, Cape Cod:—————-$ 150.00

Delivery fee: $??? per mile one way within 300 miles of our location. After 300 miles $1.00 additional fee will be added per mile.

Set Up Charge: 
12′ Lighthouse: —————— $
18′ Lighthouse: —————— $
20′ Lighthouse: —————— $
25′ Lighthouse: —————— $ 

Please Note we can also ship these items via Motor Freight to your location.
To receive a shipping quote please call or email us.

Please note this will be delivered in modular sections so it feasible to be shipped. Assembly will be required on your part. Detailed assembly instructions are included.

A-25'RedStripeTower2 A-25'RedStripeTower

25′ Lighthouse Tower


12′ Tower w/Playhouse

A-Tower&Playhouse A-BarnegatTower

18′ Tower w/Playhouse

A-12Tower2 A-15towerSwing

From 12′ to 25′ we can do it all for you. call us at 570-523-0813
if you have any questions. Special Orders Welcome

Interior Pictures of our
Large Lighthouse Structures

As you can see we have stairs going up to every level or floor in the lighthouse. These structures are built to last.

Interior2 Interior1

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