Wooden Wishing Wells

The Lighthouse Man is always trying to get better and make products that are built to last.   So with that being said we are really emphasizing our efforts into our  Polywood line of wishing wells.   Over the years our customers have really directed their attention to our polywood products thus we now selling almost 95% purely polywood over any of our wooden wishing wells.  Please check out our polywood wishing wells and see why everyone is switching to polywood.  

Stone Base Wishing Well Product Picture

Stone Base Lawn and Garden Wishing Wells
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Our Decorative Ornamental Garden Stone Base Wishing Wells are Available in 4 Sizes. Comes standard with Polywood roof and body.   Our wishing wells are 100% “Maintenance Free” Our Stone Bases are made from natural field stone that is hand picked from our farm in PA.  No two stone base wishing wells are ever the same.  The Lighthouse Man wishing wells feature an open base so you can cover well heads, drainage pipes, or any unwanted item.  Lead Time  is anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on the time of the year.  FREE Shipping and Handling, No Assembly Required !!!

Polywood Wishing Well Intro Picture

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Looking for a beautiful wishing well that’ll retain its color and vibrancy without cracking, splintering, or growing mold as the years pass? Well, look no further! This delightful polywood wishing well artfully combines traditional design and modern, ultra-durable poly wood to create a signature garden accent that’s sure to stand the test of time with strength and beauty.  Our Amish handcrafted Wishing Wells are the perfect lawn ornament for cover an unsightly pipe or item located in your yard or garden.  They are also the perfect wedding decoration.     FREE Shipping and Handling,  No Assembly Required !!!

What Is Polywood ?

Polywood is made from recycled plastic products like milk jugs, water bottles, etc. that are manufactured to look just like real lumber, therefore you get the look of real wood without the need to care for its upkeep.   Not only do our poly wood windmills look just as good as our wooden windmills, but by going with a man made polywood you are helping to save the environment.

Another added feature is that by going with our polywood windmills you will never have to worry about splinters, cracking, or paint fading over time.  This is due to the color being embedded throughout the polywood, which results in life-long lasting colors.  We here at the Lighthouse Man assure you that when you receive a Polywood Windmill from us, you will get the highest quality weather-resistant product that will last you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Why is Polywood Better?

Why is polywood better you may be asking?   Becasue, it is totally a maintenance free product, that is built to last a lifetime!  It will not splinter, crack, or fade and needs NO painting.   In Addition, the color is also all the way through the product so if it gets scratched it’s not a big deal as the color is not just on the surface only.

Poly Lumber is made from recycled plastic milk jugs otherwise destined for a landfill. Thus when using plastic lumber, you are helping the environment as well as utilizing a long lasting, maintenance-free product.  Our Polywood is resistant to all insects, termites, boring worms, microbe activities, and wet rot found in outdoor environments.

Polywood will also never split, splinter, or rot like real wood.  It does not absorb moisture or promote bacterial or barnacle growth.  This weather proofing resistance is accomplished without any hazardous chemicals as those utilized in the pressure treated wood.   In fact there are detailed laboratory testing proving that there is NO leaching or release of chemicals into the soil or marine environments.

Poly Wood Wishing Well Lead Time

Add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your landscaping or accent your garden with this hand crafted Amish Poly Wood Wishing Well. They are constructed from Poly Wood and come with your choice of base and trim colors.  All of our wishing wells are open at the bottom so that they will conveniently fit over well pipes or any other unsightly objects you may want to cover.

Lead Time: 2 to 5 weeks.
*Lead times does not include shipping

Poly Wishing Wells:  Shipping & NO Assembly
Please note: Every wishing well come FULLY ASSEMBLED !!!  All wishing wells will be shipped via Motor Freight on a skid and shrink wrapped.
Please follow the motor freight instructions on our policy page, under the tab Motor Freight  Shipping Information.  This shipment does include the lift gate due to the size and weight.

Polywood Wishing Well Dimensions

Size Width Height Height of Bottom “Base” Outside Dia. Bottom Base
Inside Dia. Bottom Base
Small 19″ 39″ 14″ 17″ 10″ 57 lbs
Medium 23″ 46″ 17″ 21″ 14″ 80 lbs
Large 38″ 57″ 19″ 28″ 21″ 130 lbs
Jumbo 44″ 80″ 26″ 40″ 32″ 210 lbs

Polywood Wishing Well Color Chart

Polywood Wishing Well Color Chart

All Wishing Wells are Hollow.  Use one of our Wishing Wells to cover something unsightly in your yard.

Hand Crafted Amish Wooden Wishing Wells now going exclusively Polywood

 (Largest Selection on the Internet Guaranteed)
Free Shipping and Handling !!!

The Lighthouse Man is proud to feature our decorative ornamental Wishing Wells.  These yard and garden Amish handcrafted wishing wells are guaranteed to bring a sense of traditional whimsy to any outdoor space.  Our Wishing Wells come in 2 different styles, Polywood and Stone Base Polywood Wishing Wells.

Built in the USA, right here at our facility in PA.  We only us American materials and methods when building our beautiful decorative Wishing Wells.

Our Wishing Wells are Hollow and we’ve seen them used to cover up manholes and pipes, to add a fairytale touch to a garden display, and to create a warm welcome for guests outside of small businesses – with such a distinctive design and so many customization options, there’s really nowhere that these beautiful outdoor wishing well won’t look at home.

Another great use that we have seen a rise in recent years is to use our wishing wells in weddings.  They are a great decoration but more importantly they are also a used as the groom and brides wedding card holder.

If you’ve any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or by email – we would love to hear from you!

Wooden Wishing Wells use to required assembly.
Now our Polywood models come FULLY Assembled.

Please note: Every Polywood Wishing Well requires NO Assembly.  All wishing wells will be shipped in 1 piece on one skid and shrink wrapped and packaged for shipping safety on a wooden pallet.  The days of assembly are gone now just simply remove the packing material and enjoy.
All Wishing Wells will arrive via Motor Freight so please follow the motor freight instructions on our policy page, under the tab Motor Freight  Shipping Information.  This shipment does include the lift gate due to the size and weight.