Lawn Ornaments

Create your own escape with your landscaping ideas with our lawn ornaments. We offer a huge selection of garden and yard ornaments that will surely liven up your yard.

Beyond the size of your yard or the landscaping efforts you put into it, lawn decorations can give your lawn some personality.  Lawn ornaments, including Wishing Wells, and Windmills add another layer of dimension to your yard.  Positioning a yard or garden ornament as a focal point in your yard is a great way to apply your signature to your outdoor space.  The Lighthouse Man has a large selection of lawn and garden outdoor ornaments for you to choose from.  We can help you establish a whimsical, artistic, rustic, or even a nautical feel.

Lawn ornaments can be both decorative and functional. They can add depth to your landscape and complete the overall vision for your outdoor space.

Polywood Wishing Well Intro Picture

Improve your landscaping with one of our wishing wells.  Our, Polywood, and Stone Wishing Wells are bult to last. These beautiful lawn and garden wishing wells come with many options and sizes to choose from.

Ornamental Amish Windmill Lawn Ornaments

“The Lighthouse Man” features a large selection of Polywood Windmills on the market today.  These exterior yard and garden windmills are built from high quality Polywood that is totally maintenance free.

Birdhouse for your Lawn and Garden

“The Lighthouse Man” offers the largest selection of handcrafted birdhouses for your lawn or garden. Our birdhouses are very detailed and are sure to be a hit with your feathered friends. Choose between Decorative, Primitive and Standard Birdhouses.

Birdfeeders for your Lawn or Garden

“The Lighthouse Man” offers a wide selection selection of handcrafted birdfeeders for your lawn or garden. Our birdfeeders are very detailed and are sure to be a hit with your feathered friends.