Wholesale Information

WELCOME WHOLESALE BUYERS! please read the information below. We will give you detailed instruction on how to become part of our wholesale / distributor family.

If you are looking for beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted lawn lighthouse ornaments to sell in your store or Internet business then you have come to the right place! The Lighthouse Man is the LEADING manufacturer of Custom Crafted Lawn Lighthouses. Each yard and garden lighthouse is meticulously hand crafted, keeping close attention to detail. We realize your customers continue to search for different and unique products to buy. Our high quality Lawn Lighthouses will greatly enhance your ability to offer a fresh new addition to your existing product selections. The demand for our Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses has been huge and our newest lighthouse line of entitled E-Line lighthouses has gone through the roof. We want you to take advantage of these truly unique lighthouse ornaments.

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Questions from the Lighthouse Man?
What the Lighthouse Man believes and does!!!

Question: Are you tired of poor customer service from your supplier or manufacturer?
Answer: We take great pride in our customer Service. We will earn your respect.

Question: Are you tired of calling your supplier and they never answer the phone?
Answer: My name is Kevin Wagner and I am the owner of the Lighthouse Man & I answer the phone. I never let the machine pick it up if I’m here.

Question: Are you tired of sending email messages and never getting a reply, or waiting 4-5 days for a reply?
Answer: We check our email messages at least 5-6 times a day. So your messages are usually answered in less then 2 hours, and no longer then 24 hours.

Question: Are you tired of leaving a phone message for your supplier and you never get a call back or get a reply days later?
Answer: We check our messages constantly and if we missed your call we will get back to you usually within the hour, and on longer then 24 hours.

Question: Are you tired of being treated like a number?
Answer: We will never treat you like a number. You WILL receive personalized service at the Lighthouse Man

Question: Are you tired of not being protected? Meaning no distributor loyalty? You know what I’m talking about, lets say you have been selling your suppliers product for years and now your supplier is selling the same product to your competitor 2 doors down the road?
Answer: We will not sell to your local competitor. If you were first and your purchasing products then we will honor that. Not to many other manufactures will do that!!

Question: Are you tired of talking to your supplier and they make you feel that there doing you a favor by letting you sell their product(s)?
Answer: We will never make you feel like we are doing you a favor. We will work together to push products and sales.

Question: Are you tired of being lied to by your supplier?
Answer: We will NEVER lie to you!

Question: Are you tired of minimum quantity purchase requirements?
Answer: We don’t have them!

Question: Are you tired of minimum price purchase requirements?
Answer: We don’t have them!

Question: Are you tired of your supplier refusing to drop-ship to your customers?
Answer: We drop-ship right to your customers with your company name and info. right smack dab on the box.

Question: Are you tired of you supplier charging you anywhere from $ 10.00 – $55.00 for drop-shipping fees?
Answer: We have NEVER charged a drop-shipping Fee.

Unfortunately I have dealt with suppliers and manufactures like this. I know how hard it is to find a good honest supplier that will protect you and be loyal and honest with you. Trust me I have heard all the stories and I have had suppliers do these same thing to me just to earn a buck. I know what is out there and I guarantee you that you will be 100% satisfied with my products and our services. We do not play games.

Let me give you just one example of the games these suppliers play, and trust me if your selling yard lighthouses from another manufacturer I suggest you check this out, and put them to the test.

  • I use to purchase wooden lighthouses years ago from large Amish Supplier until I caught him selling lighthouses to the public for the SAME EXACT price as he was selling them to me. Now please note I was purchasing at least 150 lighthouses a year? Now you may say well how do you know that for sure. Well I felt this was going on for some time so I asked my best friend to go to his shop to purchase a lighthouse. Sure enough he sold him a lighthouse for the same exact price I pay. I took my friends receipt that was given to him and put it in my pocket and I confronted him. First, he denied it then I showed him the receipt and he then apologized time after time and said he never did it before and he would never do it again. Not even 6 months later I caught him again, we no longer do business..

Now for the BIGGEST difference that sets us apart from ANY other lighthouse manufacturer when it comes to wholesale purchasing is this: We are very selective on who we sell to. WeWILL NOT just sell to anyone that has a business licenses. You must be in a related field that applies or simply makes sense for selling lighthouses. This is great for you because you are protected double now. You already knew that we would not sell to your local competitor but now you also know that we will not just sell to anyone with a business license. For example we will not sell our lighthouses to someone that has a TV repair shop, or Sam the Butcher at the local meet market. You laugh but if your purchasing lighthouses from another distributor I’m telling you they are doing it. If you do not believe me please check for yourself I guarantee you they do it.

Now I want to make one thing clear I’m not trying to bash any other manufacturer or supplier and cause any problems. I’m simply giving you the facts from my personal experience so you can make an educated decision.

Now this is what you need to do to become an authorized
Lighthouse Man distributor and sell our lighthouses:

  1. You must fill out and complete our:
    On-Line Wholesale Application
  2. We will require a copy of your business license for our files.
  3. Once we receive these two items we will evaluate your application and contact you.
  4. We may require additional information to assist us with your application.