Nautical Decor

Pirates of the Carribean, Blackbeard, Yellowbeard, and Davy Jones all have their own place among Nautical aficionados.   The Lighthouse Man dabbles in the nautical side of things with its line of Nautical Decor. Items such as anchors, pier posts, life rings, lanterns and lights, buoys, and Nautical Figurines make up the items in our Nautical Decor. If you enjoy life on the high seas or just want to feel like you can, then check out our line of Nautical Decor and ship ahoy!!

Nautical Decor - Ornamental Buoys

 Ornamental BuoysClick Here

Nautical buoys have been used throughout history as distance markers, fishing net supports, and a means of marking shipping lanes.  While Nautical buoys are still being used today in the Shipping and sailing industry, The Lighthouse Man has found a way to incorporate them into our line of Nautical Decór.  We offer Ornamental buoys in two styles.  The Decorative rope Buoy and the larger Lawn Buoys. Decorative buoys are easy to mount on walls or railings along with smaller fishing nets to give a room that Nautical feel.  Lawn Buoys can be placed with outside ponds or pools or they can stand alone as a lawn ornament. The choice is yours when choosing one of these buoys.

Nautical Decor - Ship Wheels

Ship Wheels – Click Here

With the design of many sailing vessels and large cruise ships, it is difficult to remember that these hulk like pieces of machinery used to be steered by a large wooden wheels with peg hadles. Computers have taken a large part of the steering and made the wheel almost obsolete. The clearest picture I have is from Gilligan’s Island where Fred Hale is shown as the Skipper holding steadfastly to the ships wheel in the storm. The wheel still represents steering a course be it on the seas or in life. The nautical enthusiast should not find himself or herself without a ship’s wheel to steer their course!

Nautical Decor - Nautical Lanterns Maritime Lights

 Nautical Lanterns and Maritime Lights – Click Here

Before electricity was invented, sailors used the position of the sun and the moon to guide them on their journeys across the seas.  Society progressed and the whaling industry brought forth a great invention for the sailors that allowed them to sail at night with the aid of lanterns fueled with whale oil.  Society continued to progress and whales became more difficult to find and so the use of other fuels such as kerosene were used in lanterns. Today these lanterns and lights that represented a huge part of our nautical past can be found as decorative pieces in our Nautical Decor line. Some can be used with both oil and electric and others have a candle holder.  Lanterns and Lights are constructed of high quality brass and reflect their use on ships with starboard or port color schemes.  Candle holders have decorative glass to accent a nautical theme.

Nautical Decor - Anchors

 Anchors – Click Here

“Anchors Away” is a prevalent saying among the Nautical class of people. To me this has always been a positive way to view an anchor. Lifting the anchor to set out on an adventure. There are several other ways to interpret the use of an anchor at sea and most were not positive. Anchors are heavy and bulky and held up by massive links inside the hull of the ships. They need to be because they have to be able to stop the forward progress of monstrous sized shipping vessels. The hooks on each side are meant to dig into the sand on the ocean floor and drag until the progress is slowed or stopped. Most people searching for Nautical Decor, do not see a heavy, dragging piece of iron, but rather a cold, metal opportunity for another trip around the world.  No matter what reason you wish to find those decorative anchors, please search our Nautical Decor line.

Nautical Decor - Life Rings

Life Rings – Click Here

Life rings also have their place among the nautical decor enthusiast. Probably one of the two most popular pieces.  The life ring functioned as a means of saving someone’s life. Life rings are no longer relegated to ships or boats. Many local swimming pools have them displayed on the wall as a reminder of how far society has come. We now have life rafts on sailing vessels and the life ring has now become  rectangular with rope tied to the ends to facilitate its use in rescuing larger people.  Well, we aren’t attempting to save anyone’s life, but for those of you who still find the nautical prospect of the life ring appealing, The Lighthouse Man would like to offer you a few new design ideas incorporating the life ring. Our line of Nautical life rings include large life rings, Life Ring Clocks, Life Ring Mirrors, and miniature Life Rings. If you like Life Rings, come check out ours!

Nautical Decor - Pier Post

Pier Post – Click Here

We went to the ocean last year with the kids and decided to take a boat ride out of the bay. I hadn’t really given it much thought,  but the last time I had been to the ocean, before I had children, I decided to go parasailing. Crazy right!? Not really. It was a rush  of adrenalin you can’t imagine, but coming back to the point, I was standing on the dock before the boat picked us up to go out to sea  and I remember looking at the pier post supporting the dock I was standing on. Did you ever stop to think about how deep those pier posts go? Really! In order to support the size of the ships bumping into them hour after hour, day after day, week after week… It’s a wonder they can handle that kind of pressure!  I looked at the kids who are 10 and 15 now and thought to myself, I’m a lot like these pier posts. The world keeps pushing and pushing but I stand strong.  The thought of tying the pair of them to the pier posts never crossed my mind!!  Come check out our pier posts and remember what you like about them. Happy Shopping!!

Nautical Decor - Nautical Figurines

Nautical Figurines – Click Here

What Nautical Decor would be complete without a few Nautical figurines? We have our own line of Nautical figurines at The Lighthouse Man. From the Captain at the helm of his ship sporting binoculars to search the horizon and a peg leg that he lost due to scurvy to the pirate with the long flowing beard that you can braid and the knee-high boots. don’t think we forgot about the fishermen of today either. We even have the fisherman from the small New England fishing village with his prize catch for the day.  If you are searching for Nautical figurines, take a good look at the pieces in our Nautical Decor line. You won’t be disappointed!