Nautical Figurines

What Nautical Décor would be complete without a few Nautical figurines? We have our own line of Nautical figurines at The Lighthouse Man. From the Captain at the helm of his ship sporting binoculars to search the horizon and a peg leg that he lost due to scurvy to the pirate with the long flowing beard that you can braid and the knee-high  boots. don’t think we forgot about the fishermen of today either. We even have the fisherman from the small New England fishing village with his prize catch for the day. If you are searching for Nautical figurines, take a good look at the pieces in our Nautical Décor line. You won’t be disappointed!

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Old Salts & Sailors Figurines

Nautical Figurines - Old Salts and Sailors Figurines

These figurine represents a step back to the old days from the New England Coastal Towns. Our Old Salts and Sailors Figurines are very detailed and authentic, from the bright clothes that they are wearing to the whiskers on their faces. The colors of the surrounding items also give a very detailed and authentic likeness to our Old Salts and Sailors figurines. The facial features are also very true to form and remind us of the true representation of the nautical Sailor.

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Sea Captain Figurines

Nautical Figurines - Sea Captains Figurines and Statues

The collection of Sea Captain Figurines are similar in shape, size, and description. Our figurines reflect Sea Captains doing what all sea captains did when life on the high seas was a more common practice. The Figurines have a very real likeness to reality. The detailed facial features with the crinkly eyes and bushy beard give a unique feel to each piece. The added pieces to each figurine such as , navigational equipment also creates an aura of reality. The detailed painting and color use is the epitome of what makes our line of Sea Captain figures so authentic looking.


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Pirate Figurines

Nautical Figurines - Pirate Figurines and statues

Pirates were what every little boy dreamed of being when he grew up. Their life was exciting and filled with loot and fighting of some sort. Our figurines represent the Pirate in all his glory from the knee high boots and leather jacket to guns, swords, and tri-corn hat. We even have Captain Hook from Peter Pan stories who lost his hand to an alligator and replaced it with the infamous hook! The line of Pirate figurines at The Lighthouse Man have been painted with very detailed strokes to give each pirate an authentic and very real look about him. The long locks of curls and braids covered with hats or bandanas have been patiently detailed to include each separate piece of hair. The bright colors of the clothing and shining glint of metal is also very reflective of our higher standards.