Lighthouse Light Kits

Another element to our lighthouse accessories are the Lighthouse Light Kits. Are you looking for just the right top to cap your DIY backyard lighthouse project? The Lighthouse Man is pleased to offer the finest Lighthouse Light Kits in both quality and authenticity. Our 12-sided, cast aluminum top was custom designed and manufactured exclusively by the Lighthouse Man for our detail-driven customers. A larger 6-sided, cast aluminum top is available for extra-large lighthouse projects. Our Lighthouse Light Kits are Cast aluminum which is highly weather resistant, meaning they will not rust, and are virtually maintenance-free. To get the best top for your DIY  lawn and garden lighthouse, trust the Lighthouse Man.

Lighthouse Cast Aluminum Top  – Light Kit 01

Lighthouse Light Kits
Light Kit 01
Qty: Price: $95.00 Shipping: $16.99

Replacement Acrylic Glass for Light 01
Qty: Price: $37.99

Light Kit #01

Lighthouse Cast Aluminum-Light 01. You will not find this light anywhere else  because it was desinged specifically for The Lighthouse Man. The light is 12 sided, constructed of cast aluminum, which means “NO RUST!”, and is the closest replica to a real lighthouse top on the market guaranteed.  Other features of Light kit 01 includes a cast acrylic lens and a highly detailed lightning rod on top. Light Kit 01 measures 6.5″W x 12.5″H.

Lighthouse Cast Aluminum Top – Light Kit 02

Light Kit 02
Qty: Price: $95.00 Shipping: $16.99

Light Kit #02

Lighthouse Cast Aluminum-Light 02. Our other top is this  beautifully styled Hexagon Light. This light has 6 posts and is a spectacular addition to your authentic looking lighthouse.  This light is also constructed of cast aluminum, which means “NO RUST!!” This is a perfect top to help your DIY friend finish their lighthouse project.   Top measures 7.75″W x 14″H.