Ship Wheels

Ship Wheels: One of the most common symbols of maritime fun are Ship Wheels. It is the most prevalent because all ships came equipped with the wheel in order to steer the large vessels on the open water or even when docking them at port. Unlike the steering wheels we have become accustomed to in our cars, trucks, and SUVs, the Ship Wheels are larger and have spokes on the outer ends of the wheel. These spokes are designed to give the Captain of the ship something sturdier to grab onto than a slippery circle of wood. Since computers have evolved, the Ship Wheel has become a more decorative piece of navigation rather than a necessity. The Lighthouse Man has included the Ship Wheel as part of its line of Nautical Décor. The Ship Wheel comes in 6 different sizes so think about that marine or nautical themed den or office at home that needs just a bit more of that nautical flair. Our Standard Ship Wheels might be just the item you need.

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Ship Wheels - Standard Class Ship Wheels

Standard Class Ship Wheels

Nautical Ship Wheels: These are the perfect decoration for that nautical room.

Available is 6 different sizes from 12″ to 42″

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The Lighthouse Man Ship Wheels are the perfect nautical decoration. These Ship Wheels are durable, sturdy and will stand the test of time. Ship wheels are among the best known symbols of the sea. The size of each wheel is measured from end to end of the spokes. Please note we sell the Standard line Ship Wheel and the Deluxe Ship Wheels. The difference between the two is the deluxe is a much higher high gloss as shown below and the detail is more pronounced. Other then that they look almost exactly alike.

12" Ship Wheel Standard
Qty: Price: $45.99
18" Ship Wheel Standard
Qty: Price: $59.99
24" Ship Wheel Standard
Qty: Price: $64.99
30" Ship Wheel Standard
Qty: Price: $79.99
36" Ship Wheel Standard
Qty: Price: $109.99
42" Ship Wheel Standard
Qty: Price: $169.99