Lighthouse Completed Tops

This is for the Do-It-Yourself hobbyist that wants to give his lighthouse project an even more authentic look. Here at The Lighthouse Man we would like to suggest that you take a look at our beautiful Lighthouse Completed Tops.  Our completed tops are a must for any authentic lighthouse.  Our tops are made of solid marine plywood and synthetic stucco material.  The lighthouse completed tops have aluminum railings with two catwalks.  We also feature a cast aluminum cage / topper so your completed lighthouse top will not rust. The tops are also decorated with 8 corbel accent pieces and a glass dome that will easily draw attention to your new lighthouse. We have four styles of Completed Lighthouse Tops to help you create the most authentic looking lighthouse you can imagine.  These tops measure 8.25″W at the bottom by 21.5″H.  These tops were designed to work with our lighthouses and our DIY lawn lighthouse Plans.

(All Black)  Lighthouse
Completed Top Assembly

(Red/Black)  Lighthouse
Completed Top Assembly

(Red/White)  Lighthouse
Completed Top Assembly

(White/Black)  Lighthouse
Completed Top Assembly

The completed lighthouse tops have been a big part of our business here at The Lighthouse Man.  Our DIY customers spend a lot of time on their lighthouse plans and woodworking projects and want their lawn lighthouse to look as authentic as possible.  One way to do this is to add a lighthouse completed top to their new lighthouse.  Our completed top assemblies have two tiers consisting of marine plywood with detailed aluminum railings, 8 corbel accent pieces, a cast aluminum cage with an acrylic lens. Completed tops measure 8.25 at the base and  21.5″ in height.  Each completed top is painted with 3 coats of marine paint and then another coat of high gloss polyurethane to protect it from the weather.  When ordering, please be sure to specify the color combination you would like to order.  Please see illustrations for color choices.

When ordering Please specify what color top you would like and also what color glass dome you would like as well.

Dome lights available in Red, Red /White, & Black, other colors are available by request

Authentic Lighthouse Top Assembly
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Glass Dome Color: