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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Revolving Beacon Rotate In Different Directions2024-06-17T03:33:59-04:00

This is totally normal as your revolving beacon is designed with a bi-directional motor so that if it feels tension or binding, it will stop and rotate in the opposite direction. This prevents the motor from burning out and keeps your beacon running smoothly. Therefore, you may notice that one time you turn it on it will rotate clockwise, while the next time it rotates counter-clockwise.

Why is My Rotating Beacon Not Revolving2023-12-29T16:04:40-05:00

More than likely, there are three possible reasons for your rotating beacon not to be revolving. Firstly, it could be that the beacon has been overtightened to the junction box, preventing it from turning freely. Secondly, the nut on the bottom of the beacon could have come loose and the gears are no longer lined up. Lastly, the motor may have burned out and needs to be replaced.

How do I Alter the Revolving Beacon to Fit Inside my Lighthouse Light Kit2023-12-29T16:06:31-05:00

Here is a video explaining how to alter the beacon to fit inside light kit 01:

We also included PDF instructions here: Beacon Alteration Directions

What is your Return Policy2023-11-22T10:00:53-05:00

Our Full Return Policy can be found here: Return Policy

Are your Lighthouses Hollow?2023-11-22T09:58:59-05:00

Our Poly, Hybrid, and Wooden Lighthouses are all hollow.

Our Stucco Lighthouses are not hollow.  However, if you purchase our Rock Base accessory you can cover something with this and then attach the Stucco Lighthouse to the Rock Base.

Do you Have interior Dimensions for your Poly Lighthouses ?2024-06-17T03:33:32-04:00

Yes please follow this size chart for details.

Poly Lighthouse Size Chart

What are the Dimensions of your Poly Lighthouses?2024-06-17T03:32:35-04:00

Yes please follow our dimensional size chart for our Poly Lighthouses.

Poly Lighthouse Size Chart

What are the Dimensions of your Wooden Lighthouses?2024-06-17T03:32:10-04:00

Yes please follow our dimensional size chart for our Wooden Lighthouses.

Poly Lighthouse Size Chart

If we add a Base to our Poly Lighthouse Will the Overall Height Increase?2024-06-17T03:31:30-04:00

Yes If you add an optional Poly Base it will increase the overall height of your lighthouse.  Below is a size chart to help.  So for example if you order a 5′ Lighthouse and then get the optional base the lighthouse will now be 5′ 10″.

Lighthouse Size

Do your Lighthouses Come with a Light?2024-01-26T09:22:07-05:00

Yes, EVERY Lighthouse we sell comes standard with a regular electric light with a 40 watt bulb.   You will also get 8′ of exterior grade wire and plug that you can plug into any standard outlet.

Now you can always upgrade and add additional Lighting Accessories like:  Revolving Beacons, Solar Beacons, Electric Fresnel Lens ,or Low Voltage Lighthing.

What are the Differences Between the Revolving Beacons?2024-06-17T03:31:02-04:00

The difference is the top housing and the revolutions or flashes per minute. 🌟

So this is what I always tell my customers.  If you are going for authenticity and you want a slow revolving beacon then go with the Deluxe Beacon or the Liteman Beacon.  As these beacons have 2 mirror backers and one bullet fresnel lens. 🔥

If you want a faster or brighter light then go with the Beacon 01 as this has more flashes per minute and more light output.   Usually businesses go for this option as they want to draw attention to their store front or booth at a trade show.

Please watch the videos on our Revolving Beacon Page to for more details and watch them in action: 💥

What is the Differences Between the Deluxe and the Liteman Beacon?2023-12-29T16:09:52-05:00

The difference is the Deluxe Beacon is powder coated Black in color and also features a motor on/off switch.  🔥

Thus with the deluxe you have the option of turning off the beacon motor and having just a stationary light and then turn it back on and have a revolving beacon.

You kind of get the best of both worlds with this option.  Or if your not sure you would like a revolving beacon then the Deluxe is perfect because then you can turn it on or off whenever you would like.

Please watch the videos on our Revolving Beacon Page for more details and watch them in action: 💥

Or check them out on our YouTube page:

What Payment Methods do you Accept?2023-11-22T10:14:37-05:00
  • Credit Cards. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
  • PayPal
  • Money Orders.
  • Paper Checks, both Business and Personal
  • Cash
  • Venmo
Do you Sell Gift Cards?2023-12-05T11:18:33-05:00

Yes, we sell both E-Gift Cards and Gift Certificates.  You can get your Gift Cards here:

How can I Check my Gift Card Balance?2023-11-22T10:28:23-05:00

Whenever you place an order using a gift cart or gift certificate we will always reply back via email giving you your remaining balance.

Do you Offer a Layaway Program?2023-11-22T10:42:10-05:00

Yes, we do offer a Lay Away program for our larger ticket items.  We will hold the item for a 6 month period.  We require a 25% non refundable deposit at the time of purchase and then you can make payments toward your purchase over the 6 month period.  Once payment has been completed and received your item(s) will ship at that time.

Do you Offer a Buy Now Pay Later Program?2023-11-22T10:53:40-05:00

Yes, we offer the PayPal Buy Now and Pay Later option.  This is called their pay in 4 plan where you can make 4 installment payment over the next several weeks.

What is Pay in 4?

Pay in 4 is an interest-free installment loan that lets you split your purchase into 4 repayments, with the down payment due at the time of the transaction and 3 subsequent repayments made every 15 days thereafter.


How Long Does it Take to Ship?2023-12-05T12:00:37-05:00

This really depends on the product and the time of year.  Here is a general rule of thumb to follow:

All Lighting accessories like Light Kit, Revolving Beacons, Solar Beacons etc. normally shipped out in 24-48 hours.

All Lawn Lighthouses, Wishing Wells, and Windmills takes about 10-15 business days from the date you place your order.
Now please note this may change during our spring rush or early summer push where this may increase to 20-25 business days.

I assure you that we will do our absolute best to ship out your item ASAP.


Do you Ship Overseas?2023-11-22T16:21:05-05:00

The Answer is it depends on what it is?  So if it is smaller like Revolving Beaocns , Solar Beacons etc then yes 100% we can ship it overseas.

We can ship all, Windmills and Lighthouse Lawn Ornaments up to 6’only.  Please note shipping something this size is costly.

To get a quote please send us an email with the following 2# items:

    1. Please provide your FULL Shipping Address 
    2. Please let us know everything you would like to order. This is so we can figure out the size and weight of the shipment.

      Once we have this information we will get you a full quote together ASAP
      1. We do not Ship our Wishing Wells or our Large lighthouse above 6′ as these items have to ship via motor freight only.
Do you Offer Express Shipping?2024-01-26T10:52:04-05:00

Yes, we can ship anything you would like via Express Service.  This is an additional fee but we can provide the following Services:

  1. Next Day Overnight Service
  2. 2 Day Service
  3. Express Saver

To get an Express Shipping Quote please send us an email with the following 3# items:

  1. Please provide your FULL Shipping Address 
  2. Please let us know which Express Service you would like.
  3. Please let us know everything you would like to order. This is so we can figure out the size and weight of the shipment.

    Once we have this information we will get you a full express quote together ASAP
Can I Track My Order When it Ships?2023-11-22T16:23:31-05:00

Yes, our automated system will automatically send you a tracking number (#) when your item(s) ship.

What should I do if my order is lost, stolen, or damaged?2023-12-05T10:52:27-05:00

Please Contact us Immediately and follow the instruction on our Damaged Shipping Policy Page

We will take care of everything, but you need to inform us immediately so we can help.

Where Do You Ship From?2023-12-05T12:02:16-05:00

We are located in Central PA and everything ships from our facility.

Are all Products Insured for Shipping?2023-11-22T13:38:31-05:00

Yes, every shipment is 100% insured for shipping.

Can I Pick Up to Save on Shipping?2023-12-05T10:59:59-05:00

Yes, we offer customer pickups and you are more than welcome to come to our PA facility to Pick-Up your order.

Please note: our shopping cart will automatically charge you for shipping.

If you would like to pick up just send us an email with everything you would like to order and we will create a custom check out link just for you.

Then when your item is completed we will contact you and schedule a pick up date and time.

How do you pack your Lighthouses?2023-12-05T11:40:27-05:00

We have specially made boxes that were designed specifically for our lighthouses.   📦

We use a double wall 275lbs crush test box and totally encase the lighthouse with foam for shipping safety. 🚐

We take great pride in our shipping, and we over pack everything. 😆

What Style Lighthouse Do You Recommend?2024-01-26T08:33:45-05:00

This is what I always tell my customer: 😃

If you are going for authencity and you want the WOW factor then 100% go for the Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses.  🔥
These lighthouses are by far the BEST quality lighthouses on the market guaranteed.

Now if you do not care so much about authenticity and you are looking for 100% maintenance free our Poly Lighthouses would be a great option.

Now something to note with the Deluxe Stucco lighthouses that really seperate it from all others is that in 10 years from now you can totally refurbish and re-paint your lighthouse and make it look like the day you got it.  💥

Please Note you can NOT do this with the poly lighthouses.  Poly lighthouses are not painted as the color is infused in the product during the manufacturing process, thus once the colors fade over time there is NOTHING you can do to bring it back to the original color.

What Paint do you Use on your Stucco Lighthouses?2023-12-05T11:50:52-05:00

We only use high gloss Marine Paint from Sherwin Williams.   In my opinion this is the best quality marine paint on the market. 🔥

Why Buy from The Lighthouse Man?2023-12-29T13:18:31-05:00

At The Lighthouse Man, we’re more than just a business- we care about helping you to find the perfect lighthouse for your needs. Our experienced team has been in the business since 1997 and we continue to provide unparalleled customer service. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, many of which are verified, you can trust The Lighthouse Man in delivering outstanding service and quality. So why buy from The Lighthouse Man? Because we care!

Please check out our hundreds of VERIFIED 5 star Reviews:  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

For More details please check out our Why Buy from us page HERE:   🔥

How Does Motor Freight Shipping Work?2023-11-22T16:08:18-05:00

We use motor freight for shipping all of our larger items.  This includes our 8′ & 12′ Lighthouses, All of our Wishing Wells and our Jumbo Windmills.

We may also use Motor Freight for large quantity orders when it makes sense.

When your order is shipped we will send you the freight Pro number # so you can track your shipment at all time.  Then once the freight arrives at your local terminal they will contact you and schedule a delivery date and time.   You must have people available to assist the driver and accept the package.

Please read and follow all of the rules on our  Motor Freight Policy Page  As this page is here to Assist and protect our customers.

How do I Check on the Status of my Order?2023-12-05T11:10:42-05:00

Hi there! Great question! You can check on the status of your order by using the order number that was sent to you in the confirmation email. Then simply email us at: and we will get you an update quickly.

Here is some general information now to assist you.
Our current turnaround time for smaller items like revolving beacons, solar lights, and light kits is usually 24-48 hours.

For larger items like lighthouses, windmills, and wishing wells, please allow 10-15 business days for shipping.

Now please understand during our spring rush or early summer our turnaround time may extend to up to 20-25 business days.

Once your item has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking number.

Additionally, you can always email us at and request an update – we’re always happy to help!

How do I Attach the Plastic Windows and Door to my Lighthouse?2023-12-29T14:50:32-05:00

Hey there lighthouse lovers! Have you just received your new E-Line Stucco Lighthouse? Awesome! Now lets install those plastic windows and doors.

I totally get the temptation to just slap them on randomly, but take it from me, a little prep will make a big difference. Here’s my 3 easy tips:

1. Lightly sand the back of each window and door. This roughs up the surface so the glue can grip better.

2. Warm up the plastic with a hairdryer on hot, and bend to shape over your arm. Get them good and curved before they cool off.

3. Use a clear drying glue like Gorilla Super Glue Gel. Run a bead around each piece and attach to the lighthouse.

Once glued in place, put some painter’s tape strips over the windows and doors while drying. The green frog tape sticks best!

Now stand back and admire those custom placed windows and doors! Let me know if you have any other questions – I love helping fellow lighthouse builders. Your unique creation is going to look awesome!

Do you offer replacement parts and bulbs for your Revolving Beacons?2024-06-17T03:37:41-04:00

Yes we offer a full selection of Revolving Beacon Replacement Parts and Bulbs:

  1. Replacement Bulbs, LED, Halogen, and Regular
  2. Motor and Gear Set
  3. Electric Socket
  4. Bullet Fresnel Lens in several colors

All Can be found here:

Do Lawn Ornaments Come With a Warranty?2024-01-26T09:59:08-05:00

The Short Answer is: Unfortunately, No.

To elaborate, the Lighthouse Man stands behind the superior craftsmanship and quality of our products, but warranties in our industry is just unheard of, and no lawn ornament manufacturer has ever or would ever consider providing a warranty due to two primary factors that are totally out of our control:

Number 1) Mother Nature’s Unpredictability.

Unforeseen Acts of Nature: These encompass a wide range of phenomena way beyond our control. From strong winds and hurricanes causing damage to excessive rainfall leading to floods, we have no way to predict or stop these extreme events.

Nature’s Course: Even in the absence of extreme weather events, the natural process of aging and wear is inevitable for ALL products, including our lawn ornaments. Wood, metal, and plastics are susceptible to degradation over time.

Number 2)  Customer Usage and Maintenance:

Modifications and Improper Usage: Some customers modify our products in various ways, altering their intended design and potentially compromising their integrity. This can lead to issues that we cannot foresee or be held responsible for.

Lack of Regular Maintenance: Like any outdoor product, our lawn ornaments require occasional maintenance – repainting, resealing, or tightening screws. Neglecting these basic upkeep tasks can lead to problems that could have been easily prevented.

Misconception about Maintenance-Free:

To clarify, “maintenance-free” does not equate to “no maintenance.” It means our products are designed to withstand outdoor elements and retain their beauty with minimal upkeep. Regular inspections and occasional care are still essential to ensure their longevity.

Dispelling the Lifetime Warranty Myth:

The Lighthouse Man steers clear of misleading customers into believing our products carry a lifetime warranty. “Maintenance-free” DOES NOT equate to Lifetime warranty “indestructible.” Even premium materials like marine wood, marine paint, and poly lumber have their limits against the relentless onslaught of time and elements.

The Lighthouse Man’s Commitment:

We take pride in our craftsmanship and strive to deliver high-quality lawn ornaments that enhance your outdoor spaces. While we cannot offer warranties, we ensure our products are built to last and provide you with the best possible value. Remember, a little care and maintenance go a long way in preserving the charm of your lawn ornaments for years to come.

Please note that this information is provided to ensure transparency and manage customer expectations accurately. Should you have additional questions, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you.

Thank you for choosing The Lighthouse Man!

5 Biggest Mistakes Customers Make when Buying a Lighthouse2024-01-08T16:32:03-05:00

Hey there lighthouse enthusiasts. I’m here to guide you through the common pitfalls people often make when buying their lawn lighthouse. Will help you make the right choice that will elevate your outdoor space. Trust me, avoiding these blunders will save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Mistake #5: The Lowest Price Trap

Mistake #4: Big Box Store Blues

Mistake #3: Roadside Crafter Conundrum

Mistake #2: DIY Dilemma

And Now for the Number 1# Mistake Undersized Lighthouses

Light Up your Lighthouse 5 Must Have Lighting Accessories2024-01-22T15:55:18-05:00

Hey there, garden enthusiasts! Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a captivating nautical oasis? Look no further than The Lighthouse Man, your trusted source for custom-crafted lawn lighthouses and accessories. With our extensive selection of lighthouse lighting options, you’ll find just the right touch to elevate your garden’s charm and intrigue.

Starting with our Low Voltage Lighting, imagine a soft and inviting glow illuminating your lighthouse, casting enchanting shadows across your lawn. Perfect for creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, these gentle lights will make your guests feel right at home.

Next up, we have the Color Changing Fresnel Lens, an accessory that adds a touch of authenticity to your lighthouse. With just a simple press of a button, you can switch between a mesmerizing array of colors, creating a captivating display that will wow your guests and add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Now, let’s talk about our Solar Multi-Function Beacon. For those who love flexibility and options, this beacon offers three distinct modes: steady, blinking, and revolving. Plus, its detached solar panel allows for versatile placement, ensuring your lighthouse shines brightly even in tricky spots.

Our Deluxe Solar Beacon is the epitome of reliability and durability. Made in the USA, this beacon harnesses the power of natural sunlight, providing a warm and steady glow throughout the night. No need for pesky wires or outlets – simply enjoy the beauty of your solar-powered lighthouse, night after night.

And finally, our grand finale: the Electric Revolving Beacons. Picture this – a mesmerizing beam of light rotating atop your lighthouse, guiding your guests safely to shore, metaphorically speaking. With four rotating beacons to choose from, you’ll find the perfect beacon to match your lighthouse and create a truly captivating display.

At The Lighthouse Man, we take pride in offering the largest selection of lighthouse lighting options, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect accessory to complement your lawn lighthouse and make it the star of your outdoor space. So why wait? Visit our website today and explore the world of possibilities that await you. Elevate your garden’s beauty, impress your guests, and bask in the warm glow of your very own lighthouse. Remember, at The Lighthouse Man, we’re here to illuminate your dreams, one lighthouse at a time.

5) Low Voltage Lighting:
4) Color Changinf Fresnel Lens:
3) Multi Function Solar Beacon:
2) Deluxe Solar Beacon:
1) Revolving Beacons:

Do you Ship to Canada?2024-01-26T11:15:21-05:00

Yes, we ship to Canada but please note is does cost more and we must give you a shipping quote.

To get a quote please send us an email with the following 2# items:

  1. Please provide your FULL Shipping Address 
  2. Please let us know everything you would like to order. This is so we can figure out the size and weight of the shipment.Once we have this information we will get you a full quote together ASAP
How do I secure or anchor down my lighthouse to the ground?2024-01-26T08:55:49-05:00

All of our lighthouses have a base plate and this is how you can secure it to any surface.
When anchoring it to the ground you can do something as easy as using garden stakes or tent stakes and staking it to the ground.

For a more permanent or theft deterrent solution you can always pour a concrete slab and lag-bolt it to the slab.

When anchoring to a wooden boat dock or deck you can simply just screw it fast.

Alternatively,  some of our customers have purchased a large 24″ patio pavers and have adhered or use tapcons to secure the lighthouse to the paver.

Or if you do not want to be bothered with any of this then you can always upgrade and order one of our rock bases and easily secure it to this.
Click Here to view our Rock Bases.

Again, you will use the lighthouse base plate to anchor to ANY surface.

Why Choose a Poly Lighthouse?2024-01-26T07:30:46-05:00

Poly Lawn Lighthouses: The Future of Outdoor Decor
1) Aesthetics: Instantly transform your lawn into a captivating coastal oasis.
The realistic wood-like texture adds warmth and charm to any outdoor space.

2) Durability: Constructed from high-quality, recycled plastic, these lighthouses can withstand extreme weather conditions without fading or cracking.
No more worrying about annual maintenance or costly replacements.

3) Versatility: Choose from various styles, including authentic replicas of famous lighthouses, standard designs, and elegant woodgrain finishes. Customize your lighthouse with an optional base, a range of lighting options, and even a solar beacon.

4) Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled materials, our lighthouses keep plastic out of landfills and contribute to a greener planet.

5) Hassle-Free Maintenance: Forget about painting, staining, or tedious upkeep.
Simply enjoy the beauty of your lighthouse for years to come.

Transform your outdoor space with the magical glow of Poly Lawn Lighthouses. Say goodbye to drab lawns and hello to a breathtaking coastal haven!

Check out our Poly Lighthouses here:

What is Poly?2024-01-27T13:06:02-05:00

Poly is a material made from recycled plastic products like milk jugs, water bottles, etc.

This is then manufactured to look just like real lumber, but none of the Maintenance. 💥

That’s correct you get the look of real wood without the upkeep.😃

Not only do our poly lighthouses look just as good as our wooden lighthouses, but the choice of a man made poly lighthouse is also environmentally friendly.

Another added feature of our poly lighthouses is never worrying about splinters, cracking, or paint fading

The Color is embedded throughout the poly, resulting in vibrant, lasting colors. 

When you receive a poly lighthouse ornament from the Lighthouse Man, you get the highest quality weather-resistant product to last you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Poly is a 100% maintenance free product, built to last a lifetime! 👍

It will not splinter, crack, or fade and needs NO painting.  The color penetrates deeply throughout the product instead of just a surface coat, so scratches will not even show.

Poly lumber is made from recycled plastic milk jugs otherwise destined for a landfill. Using plastic lumber helps the environment and provides a long lasting, maintenance-free product.  🌏

Our poly is resistant to insects, termites, boring worms, microbe activities, and wet rot found in outdoor environments. 👏

Poly will also never split, splinter, or rot like real wood.  It does not absorb moisture or promote bacterial or barnacle growth. 

This weather proofing resistance is accomplished without any hazardous chemicals like those utilized in the pressure treated wood. Detailed laboratory testing proves there is NO leaching or release of chemicals into the soil or marine environments.

100% Valid VERIFIED Reviews

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