Lighthouse Lighting Options

The Lighthouse Man provides Do-It-Yourself project enthusiasts with several choices of beacons for their ornamental lawn lighthouse.  There are 4 styles of beacons that can be ordered to accent your finished lighthouse. The most popular style of beacon that can be purchased is the Revolving Beacon. The Revolving Beacon comes in 4 models: Beacon 01, Liteman Beacon, Deluxe Beacon, and the Large Revolving Beacon. These models include  a motor and gear set as well as replacement parts like a standard bulb, an LED bulb, or a Halogen bulb. If you do not have electricity running to your lighthouse you might like our Solar Beacon. The light comes from the sun. No electric is needed. This style Beacon comes in blinking and non-blinking. The next style is the Fresnell Lens which is designed to push the majority of light through the middle of the beacon instead of dispersed throughout. Finally is the Low Voltage Beacon which is designed for use with Exterior Low Voltage Lighting systems. For further details on The Lighthouse Man Beacons, click on the pictures below.

Lighthouse Lighting Options

Lawn Lighthouse Revolving Beacons – Click Here

The Lighthouse Man offers a wide variety of choices in rotating beacons and replacement bulb options for lawn and garden lighthouses. Whether you simply have a need for high light output or wish to authentically recreate the slow sweep of a single beam, the Lighthouse Man has the rotating beacon with the options you need. We stock a full line of bulbs to replace your lighthouse beacon or even upgrade with a brighter halogen bulb or a new, longer lasting LED bulb. If you have an older beacon in need of a tune-up, we even carry replacement motor and gear sets.

Lighthouse Lighting Options

Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons – Click Here

If you’re considering going solar with your backyard lighthouse, then go solar with the Lighthouse Man! We are proud to exclusively offer this high-quality, industrial solar light to our customers and distributors. It is an authentic fresnel lens that runs 6 high intensity LED’s entirely on solar power and can last up to 14 days on a full charge! It is available in a steady light or blinking light option to satisfy your preference. Cut the cord and go solar with your backyard lighthouse and the Lighthouse Man!

Lawn Lighthouse Fresnel Lens

Electric Fresnel Lens – Click Here

The Lighthouse Man is excited to be able to offer an actual, working electric fresnel lens for lawn and garden lighthouses. This is the must-have lighting option for the die-hard lighthouse enthusiast who loves detail. This sturdy, authentic fresnel lens is designed to fit inside almost any backyard lighthouse. It is available only as a stationary, non-blinking model featuring an 8000 hour, 40 watt electric traffic light bulb for countless nights of enjoyment. For a truly authentic, working electric fresnel lens, see the Lighthouse Man.

Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage light kit

Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage Lighting – Click Here

Are you looking to connect your new backyard lighthouse to a low voltage exterior lighting system? No problem! The Lighthouse Man offers all of our lawn and garden lighthouses with a low voltage electrical option that is compatible with 12 volt power units. Don’t worry about running a new 110 electric line on your property, just connect the supplied 8′ of low voltage wire to your  low voltage system and enjoy the light of the supplied 10 watt bulb from your new backyard lighthouse from the Lighthouse Man!