Lighthouse Windows & Doors

Each Accessory is specifically designed to enhance any Do-It-Yourself project.  The Lighthouse Windows & doors for The Lighthouse Man lighthouses and wordworking projects are no different. They will add a homemade touch to perfect the hard work that you have already put into your lawn lighthouse. We have 2 varieties of lighthouse windows & doors. There are hard plastic doors and windows that can be attached to the outside of your lighthouse. We also offer a much more detailed deluxe doors and windows that can be used for a more authentic looking lighthouse. These lighthouse windows & doors are also offered as replacement parts to refurbish those older model lighthouses that might need just a little updating.

Lighthouse Windows & Doors

Custom Crafted Windows & Doors:

Our Custom Crafted Windows and Doors are designed to help the Do-It-Yourself patrons complete their Lighthouse project with more detail. The Windows come in 3 colors: Red, Black, and White. The measurement of each window is 2″W x 3.25″H. Other colors are available upon request and an additional fee. The doors come in 2 styles: Red Trim w/ white door, and Black trim w/White door.  Doors measure 2.87W x 4″H. Other colors are available upon request and an additional fee.

***Each window comes with the plexi pane and a curtain for more authenticity.
***When ordering large quantities, please call ahead for better shipping prices.

Custom Windows
Qty: Price: $22.00
Window Colors:

Custom Doors
Qty: Price: $20.00
Door Colors:

Lighthouse Windows & Doors

Plastic Windows and Doors

Do-It-Yuorself projects will also benefit from our line of plastic doors and windows. These pieces are UV protected and constructed from a rubber/plastic material to allow for easier installation. Windows and doors are available in Red, Black, and White. Other colors are available upon request and for an additional fee. Window Measurements are 3-1/8″ x 3-1/8″ and Doors are 3-1/8″W x 6″H.

Brass Anchor
Another accessory that can be ordered is the Brass Anchor. This piece is constructed from Solid Brass and is a beautiful accent to any Lighthouse Man lighthouse project. The anchor measures 2-1/4″ x 1-1/2″.

**When ordering large quantities, please call ahead for better shipping prices.

Plastic Windows and Doors
Qty: Price: $2.00
Item : Color:
Brass Anchor
Qty: Price: $1.75