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Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons

Being the leading industry for lawn lighthouses and lighthouse accessories, we at Lighthouse Man take pride in everything we have to offer our customers.  One of our favorite pieces is our lawn lighthouse solar beacons. What makes our solar beacons so special is that they can not only be fitted on any of the lighthouses we offer, but also be used on most lighthouses purchased outside of our company.  The DIY customers can also use these amazing lawn lighthouse solar beacons on their own custom creations. There is no need to pay the price of having electrical work put in on your porch or outside your home to have beautiful lighting.  We offer the best lawn lighthouse solar beacons on the market.  Each of our lawn lighthouse solar beacons are modeled after the same design the US Coast Guard uses for buoys in the ocean. They are also rated by the US Coast Guard for 2 nautical miles. Built into each solar panel is a photo censor that will turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Because we use solar Fresnel lenses in our solar beacons, they radiate light at a longer distance just like the real lighthouses do.  Our state of the art design will also hold power for up to 14 days with a single charge, where as most solar lights on the market do not last one night.  Rest assure that when you buy our lawn lighthouse solar beacons from us, you are getting a top of the line solar beacon that will not only give off a stunning soft-light, but last!  Guaranteed to ALWAYS be made right here in the USA .

SolarCombo - Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons

Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons:

1) Runs on sunlight, No pesky electrical cords.

2) Extremely Rugged, virtually indestructible.

3) Five year maintenance-free: No bulbs to replace… Ever.

4) Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

5) Runs for 14 days without any solar charging .

6) Flashes 18 times per minute. 6 high intensity LED Bulbs with reflector.

Picture above and to the left shows solar light with optional Cast Aluminum Top or Light kit 01

Available in Blinking or Non Blink. 

Measurements: 5″W x 5.75″H

Comparison Questions:

“Lighthouse Man”
Solar Beacon

Higher Priced Solar Light by Carmanah (Canada)
our competitors product
Pathway Solar Lights
Brightness of Light: Equivalent to a 10 watt bulb Equivalent to a 3 watt bulb Very dim light, not even 1/2 watt
High Intensity LED bulbs 6 LED lights with one large reflector to increase the light output 4 LED lights with NO reflector No High Intensity LED or just 1 LED used.
Battery Style: We only use a premium high quality Metal Hydride battery. Advantages are it has a Stronger life, and stronger power output. Use a less expensive Gel Cell Battery.

Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons

Uses common rechargeable AAA Batteries.
Most Important Question??Can the battery be replaced when it weakens or dies??? Yes, our battery can be replaced easily.

Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons


* Important Please Read*
NO, you can
never change the battery because it is built inside the unit. So when your 10.00 battery dies you are now throwing away a $275.00 unit.
Yes, But you will bechanging your batteries often.
Certified by the US Coast Guard Yes NO NO
On/Off Switch Located on the bottom of the unit, by connecting one Brass tab to the terminal.

Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons
Located on the bottom of unit. Must remove a small magnet for the unit to operate. If you loose the magnet you can never turn it off.
Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons
Some units vary?
Battery Power Will last 14-18 days without a charge. We have personally tested them and we have gone as much as 20 days without one single charge. That is what a Metal Hydride battery can do. They say Approximately 10 -14 dayswithout a charge. I admit I never had them work that long for me without a charge. Most cases they do not even last the night.
Price Your Price would be a low $179.00.  no additional mark up fees.



Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons
The American supplier is located in OH and they are have sole sales rights in the US.  So think about it.  They have to purchase large quantities from Canada and pay for the international shipping so there wholesale price is very high.  Thus the distributors raise the price to make there profit.  So now your looking at anywhere from 200.00 to 275.00. $18.00 – $55.00

Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons
Information and instructions

How our Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons work: At dusk, the solar beacon is “activated” and it will be discharging its batteries while emitting LED  light output. At dawn, it will turn off, and its solar panels will begin to recharge its batteries. Sunny days will result in the batteries recovering more energy than was expended the night before. On days with little or no sun (due to cloud cover, rain, or fog), the beacon may only recover a partial recharge, and thus there will be a power deficit from the night before. THIS IS NOT A CONCERN. The solar beacon has an excellent storage capacity and are designed so they do not require sunlight every day.

With a fully charged battery, our Lawn Lighthouse solar beacons can operate for up to 150 hours without recharging. For example, if we assume there is thirteen hours from dusk to dawn, the unit is “on” and the battery discharging for ten hours out of a 24-hour day. The unit will therefore last 11.5 days (150 hours / 13 hours per day) without any sunlight for recharging. When nights are longer (i.e.: 16 hours), the unit will last fewer days without recharging (i.e.: approximately 10 days).

For the lawn lighthouse solar beacon to continue operating perfectly, it must recharge at least partially before the 150 hour buffer is completely discharged. However, this recharging can be spread over the 150 hour (11.5 day) discharge time. Consequently, the unit can go several days without any sunlight and then receive very little and still continue operating.

Despite the power storage capacity of my lawn lighthouse solar beacons, it is still important to consider three factors when finding a location for the unit and or lighthouse:

1) Average daylight: Local weather conditions determine the amount of sunlight an area receives each year. Areas with, on average, at least 1.5 hours of sunlight per day or more (including the winter months) have adequate sunlight for my solar beacon. Most of the world receives this minimum. The measurement to determine average daylight can be obtained from your local weather office.

2) Shade: Even the sunniest locations will not be adequate for proper installation if the beacon will be in the shade for most the day. It is important to ensure the unit will not be in the shade at least during midday.

3) Winter: During the winter season, the sun is lower on the horizon. This has two potential effects. First, obstructions such as trees, buildings, and mountains that do not shade the beacon during the summer may come to shade it during the winter. Second, for locations beyond 50° latitude north or south, winter causes significantly shorter days and longer nights. This may result in the unit not having sufficient recharging time during the shorter days.

Suitable temperature: The temperature of the batteries in the beacon during recharging/discharging affects the life-span of its rechargeable battery power system, and consequently the overall life-span of the unit. Although the unit can operate normally between the temperatures of -40° C (-40° F) and 80° C (176° F), its expected life-span may be reduced when the ambient temperatures are consistently higher than 25° C (77° F) during recharging/discharging.

Although the lawn lighthouse solar beacons will operate most effectively in moderate areas, it can certainly function in areas with ambient temperatures over 25° C (77° F). A key factor will be that the unit is not usually charging/discharging during the warmest part of the day. Unlike colder areas, hot areas generally tend to have many hours of daylight, which allows the unit to fully recharge every day. Since the unit does not need as much time to recharge, it will fully charge
and kick out of the recharging mode before the ambient temperature is too high.

If you’re interested in cutting the cord and going solar with your lawn and garden lighthouse, the Lighthouse Man can help. We are pleased to exclusively offer our high-quality, industrial lawn lighthouse solar beacons. Harness the power of solar to operate either a steady or blinking light for up to 14 days on a full charge!   Our Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons feature an authentic fresnel lens housing 6 high intensity LED’s for countless nights of enjoyment.  Don’t have outdoor outlets or one near where you want your new lawn lighthouse?  Stop worrying about running new electric lines across your property and contact the Lighthouse Man for one of our solar beacons today!

Designed by the “Lighthouse Man” Please note” The Lighthouse Man has exclusive sales rights for this item. No one else can sell  our solar beacons except for our authorized distributors.  Do not be fooled and purchase the solar lights that are made in Canada.  Please check out our comparison chart above for important information.

Solar Beacon
Qty: Price: $195.00
Lighting Option:
Non Blinking

Lighthouse Light Kit for - Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons

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Please Note: The Solar Beacons lighting option was designed to fit inside our Light Kits