Lawn Lighthouse Solar Beacons

Deluxe Solar Beacon

Deluxe Solar Beacon You Tube Video Intro

The Lighthouse Man: Is is the leader in custom crafted lawn lighthouse accessories.  We offer the largest and best selection of lawn lighthouse solar beacons on the market.  Our Deluxe Solar Beacon is by far the best and most industrial style solar beacon for lawn and garden lighthouse use.  If you’re interested in cutting the cord and going totally solar then the Lighthouse Man can definitely help.
We are pleased to exclusively offer our high-quality, industrial lawn lighthouse solar beacons to ur customers.  Now, you can harness the power of the sun and operate this amazing fresnel lens, LED lights, for up to 14 days on a single charge.   Our lawn lighthouse solar beacons feature an authentic fresnel lens housing 6 high intensity LED’s for countless nights of enjoyment.  In addition this solar light comes in 2 optional light patterns, steady or blinking.
Don’t have outdoor outlets or one near where you want to place your new lawn lighthouse?  Stop worrying about hiring an electrician and running burial cable and conduit.  Not to mention diging up your yard or property.  Instead simply contact the Lighthouse Man and get one of our industrial high quality solar beacons today for a fraction of the price!!!

Deluxe Solar Beacon
Qty: Price: $205.00
Lighting Option:
Non Blinking

Designed by the “Lighthouse Man” Please note” The Lighthouse Man has exclusive sales rights for this item. No one else can sell  our solar beacons except for our authorized distributors.  Do not be fooled and purchase the solar lights that are made in Canada and China.

Lawn Lighthouse Deluxe Solar Beacons:

1) Runs on sunlight, No pesky electrical cords.
2) Extremely Rugged, virtually indestructible.
3) Five year maintenance-free: No bulbs to replace… Ever.
4) Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.
5) Runs for 14 days without any solar charging.
6) Flashes 18 times per minute. 6 high intensity LED Bulbs with reflector.

Available in Blinking or Non Blink.    Measurements: 5″W x 5.75″H

Being the leading industry for lawn lighthouses and lighthouse accessories, we at Lighthouse Man take pride in everything we have to offer our customers.  One of our favorite pieces is our lawn lighthouse solar beacons. What makes our solar beacons so special is that they can not only be fitted on any of the lighthouses we offer, but also be used on most lighthouses purchased outside of our company.  The DIY customers can also use these amazing lawn lighthouse solar beacons on their own custom creations. There is no need to pay the price of having electrical work put in on your porch or outside your home to have beautiful lighting.  We offer the best lawn lighthouse solar beacons on the market.  Each of our lawn lighthouse solar beacons are modeled after the same design the US Coast Guard uses for buoys in the ocean. They are also rated by the US Coast Guard for 2 nautical miles. Built into each solar panel is a photo censor that will turn the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Because we use solar Fresnel lenses in our solar beacons, they radiate light at a longer distance just like the real lighthouses do.  Our state of the art design will also hold power for up to 14 days with a single charge, where as most solar lights on the market do not last one night.  Rest assure that when you buy our lawn lighthouse solar beacons from us, you are getting a top of the line solar beacon that will not only give off a stunning soft-light, but last!  Guaranteed to ALWAYS be made right here in the USA .

Multi Function Solar Revolving Beacon

Multi Function Solar Revolving Beacon
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Multi Function Solar Revolving Beacon
Qty: Price: $119.00

Multi Function Solar Revolving Beacon: The Lighthouse Man now offers the best remote detachable solar revolving beacon on the market.  This amazing beacon is great for several reason but the biggest reason you will love this beacon is for it multiple modes and its remote detachable solar panel.

Please watch the product video above as we go over everything you need to know about our brand new Multi Function Solar Revolving Beacon that can be used in ANY Lawn or Garden Lighthouse on the market today. This solar beacon has 3 seperate modes. Steady, Blinking, and Revolving So you now have the option to change your beacon any time you want to.

Another great selling feature for this multi function solar beacon is that this New Solar Revolving Beacon has a remote detachable solar panel that does not have to be mounted anywhere on your lawn lighthouse. Yes that is correct!!! With our new multi function solar beacon you can now mount the solar panel up to 16′ away from your garden lighthouse. This is huge, no longer are the days where you have to mount the solar panel somewhere on your lighthouse thus changing the overall appearance of your lighthouse. Now you can place your Lighthouse anywhere you want it and then simply place the solar panel out of the way in direct sunlight. Again, this is a huge game changer.

Our Revolving Solar light comes with a 6.5”wide x 7.5”tall high efficiency Solar Panel. On the back of the solar panel you will find the manual on/off switch. With this button you will simply use this to turn on and off your unit. Now please note our solar panel also contains fast charging technology and has a built in photo cell which will automatically turn on the light at dusk and off at dawn.  Now also located on the back of the solar panel beside the on/off button is our muti function MODE button. Every time you push the mode button you will select a different lighting function or mode. Please Note the solar beacon will always remain on the last mode that you selected.

The Solar Beacon itself measures 5” wide and 4” tall and features 8# super bright high intensity long lasting LED bulbs.   We have also designed this light so it can operate for approximately 10-12 hours between charging cycles.   As you can see from our YouTube video this throws off a very nice bright white light that is sure to light up any lawn or garden lighthouse.

As always you can rest assured with a Lighthouse Man product as this revolving solar beacons comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. As our website states all lighthouse lighting accessories are not stand alone units.  Meaning, that our lights must be protected by the elements.  Thus your lighthouse must have a roof and glass or acrylic side panels to protect all lighthouse lighting accessories from the elements.  Failure to do so will void any warranty.

As you can see our multi function revolving solar beacon gives off a lot of light, and really draws your attention, just as it was designed to. This will just give your lighthouse that extra added touch that will separates it from any other lawn or garden lighthouse. And that my friends is exactly what the Lighthouse Man is all About!!! We Specializes in the WOW Factor !!!