Stone Base Wishing Wells

Available in 3 Sizes. Comes standard with Polywood and Rubber Slate Roof. ” Maintenance Free”

 Stone Base Wishing Wells: Wishes really do come true! These enormous handcrafted stone base wishing wells bring the beauty and durability of real stone and ultra-durable poly wood to its traditional and time-honored design. Whether serving as a pipe cover, a manhole cover, a landmark for a business, or as a beautiful garden accent, this wishing well promises to stand the test of time with grace and beauty. These Stone Base Wishing Wells make a true destination piece!

The key to this wishing well’s exceptional look and feel is its materials. The base is crafted from hand-selected real stone, cut to the perfect size. The sides and supports,  meanwhile are crafted from ultra-durable poly wood, a revolutionary material made from recycled milk jugs right here in the USA. Poly wood offers unrivalled vibrancy and strength, and won’t splinter, mold, or crack despite years out in the elements.

In Addition every Lighthouse Man Stone Base Wishing Wells comes standard with a maintenance free decorative roof that is crafted from rubber slate.  This is a form of environmentally-friendly synthetic slate favored for its outstanding durability.  You’d never know the roof wasn’t real slate to look at it – but years down the line, when the rubber slate roof is looking every inch as beautiful as it did on the day your wishing well arrived, its quality will still be clear to see.

Create your perfect jumbo wishing well by choosing from our rainbow of color options. If you run into any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or an email – we love these wishing well!

Sizes: Small: Diameter: 22″ Height: 44″ Base Height: 13″ Base Width: 18″ Interior width between posts: 9.5″ 
Size: Large: Diameter: 28″ Height:54″ Base Height:17″ Base Width:25″ Interior width between posts: 14.5″ 
Size: Jumbo: Diameter: 41″ Height:75″ Base Height:27″ Base Width:36″Interior width between posts: 25.5″


Small Stone Base with Poly Wishing Well
Qty: Price: $975.00 + Free S/H
Poly Main Colors:
Poly Trim Colors:
Large Stone Base with Poly Wishing Well
Qty: Price: $1325.00 + Free S/H
Poly Main Colors:
Poly Trim Colors:
Jumbo Stone Base with Poly Wishing Well
Qty: Price: $1800.00 + Free S/H
Poly Main Colors:
Poly Trim Colors:
Stone Base Wishing Well Size Chart

Stone Base Wishing Wells : Shipping and Assembly

Please note: Every wishing well will require some easy minor 5 minute assembly.  All wishing wells will be shipped in 2 pieces on one skid and shrink wrapped.  One piece will be the base and the 2nd piece is the arms and roof.   The assembly is a very easy 1-2-3 assembly where you will simply attach the arms of the well to the base of the wishing well with the provided carriage bolts.
All stone base wishing wells will arrive via Motor Freight.  Again we must disassemble the wishing well for shipping safety thus minor assembly is required.    Please follow the motor freight instructions on our policy page, under the tab Motor Freight  Shipping Information.  This shipment does include the lift gate due to the size and weight.