Lighthouse Mailboxes

Deluxe Lighthouse Stucco Mailboxes

Lighthouse Mailboxes: Every year I see more people spending more money to make their lawns more aesthetically pleasing, especially in small communities.  They want their home and lawn to stand out from their neighbors. If you do all this work on the lawn and the house, why would you keep the same dull, boring mailbox out front. Why not try one of our handmade Lighthouse Mailboxes as a focal point to your home.  The Lighthouse Mailbox from The Lighthouse Man has a miniature lighthouse that sits on top of a bright white mailbox. The miniature lighthouse is solar powered and sits atop the mailbox in all its majestic glory. The Lighthouse Mailbox is the perfect gift for any lighthouse enthusiast.

The Lighthouse Mailbox is built to weather most storms. It is constructed of Synthetic Stucco. The lighthouse has a hand-painted finish with painted windows and doors.  The mailbox has two hand painted black windows with glass and a curtain. It includes a solar powered light with a patented Light sensing technology that eliminates the need for a separate photo control.  Your Lighthouse Mailbox can be easily installed and the light will stay on up to 12 hours. Measurements: 20″L x 11.5″W x 35.5″H.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Mailboxes

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Mailbox

Assateague Lighthouse Mailboxes

Assateague Lighthouse Mailbox

Barnegat Lighthouse Mailboxes

Barnegat Lighthouse Mailbox

Montaul Lighthouse Mailboxes

Montauk Lighthouse Mailbox

St. Augustine Lighthouse Mailbox

St. Augustine Lighthouse Mailbox

Marblehead Lighthouse Mailbox

Marblehead Lighthouse Mailbox

Cape Lookout Mailbox

Cape Lookout Lighthouse Mailbox

American Lighthouse Mailbox

American Lighthouse Mailbox

Mark the “coastline” of your property with a fully-operational Lighthouse Mailbox from the Lighthouse Man. We’ve taken a standard post-mounted mailbox and handcrafted a light keeper’s house around it, complete with real windows with glass and curtains. Above we’ve mounted a miniature lawn lighthouse with a working solar beacon. Both pieces are constructed using a solid foam core covered with synthetic stucco and hand-painted with marine-grade paint. We offer a large selection of paint schemes as well as hand-painted doors and windows to recreate the look of many actual lighthouses. Highly durable, our weather-resistant Lighthouse Mailboxes will faithfully collect your mail by day and mark your driveway by night for many years.

Cape Henry Lighthouse Mailboxes

Cape Henry Lighthouse Mailbox

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Mailboxes

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Mailbox

Fenwick Lighthouse Mailboxes

Fenwick / Cape Cod Lighthouse Mailbox

Cape May Lighthouse Mailboxes

Cape May Lighthouse Mailbox

Fire Island Lighthouse Mailboxes

Fire Island Lighthouse Mailbox

Bodie Island Lighthouse Mailboxes

Bodie Island Lighthouse Mailbox

Tybee Island lighthouse Mailboxes

Tybee Island Lighthouse Mailbox

West Quoddy Lighthouse Mailboxes

West Quoddy Lighthouse Mailbox