Lighthouse Rock Base / Well Cover


Rock Base
Qty: Price: $350.00 Shipping: $99.99

We now make the Rock Base with a hollow portion so you can cover a pipe or hide an unsightly well cap. Conceals objects as large as 9.5″ in diameter and 9″ tall. Now anchor your lawn lighthouse to our Rock Base. No need to pour a concrete slab or lag bolt your lighthouse to a secure surface. Simply attach your lighthouse to our beautiful rock base. You will be amazed how our Real stone base brings an element of realism and authenticity to any yard, garden, deck, pool, or lakeside location. Features real stone and cemetery grout that is built to last for a lifetime. Base Measurements 35″ x 35″ by 11″ high & weighs approximately 80 lbs. Stone base will work on all 3′-5′ Custom Crafted and E-Line Stucco Lighthouses. Manufactured by the “Lighthouse Man” The “LEADER” in Custom Crafted Lighthouses.