How I Got Started

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How I Got Started: The Lighthouse Man The most frequently asked questions I have received over the years is “How did you ever get started in this? Well, like most entrepreneurs, I didn’t start out wanting to build Lighthouses for a living. I was an athlete in school, didn’t [...]

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Deluxe Stucco Yard and Garden Lighthouse Ornaments

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Deluxe Stucco Yard and Garden Lighthouse Ornaments Elevate your outdoor space with a Deluxe Stucco Yard and Garden Lighthouse Ornaments: Do you dream about creating a truly unforgettable yard that catches the eye and stands out from the rest? What if your garden could inspire the imagination while remaining timeless with the [...]

About The Lighthouse Man

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About The Lighthouse Man Ever feel like something was missing from your front lawn, your garden, or maybe your patio? Lawn and garden décor goes hand in hand with what makes a home, a home. Here at Lighthouse Man, we specialize in custom crafted lawn lighthouses and lawn décor that not only adds character [...]

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