About the Lighthouse Man

About The Lighthouse Man

Ever feel like something was missing from your front lawn, your garden, or maybe your patio? Lawn and garden décor goes hand in hand with what makes a home, a home. Here at Lighthouse Man, we specialize in custom crafted lawn lighthouses and lawn décor that not only adds character to your home, but a fun and inviting atmosphere to your yard. You don’t need to live on a beach to enjoy the beauty of a lighthouse anymore! No other company across America does lighthouses like we do and the proof is in our years of experience and expert craftsmanship.

Established in 1997, the Lighthouse Man has built a solid reputation over the years when it comes to lawn décor. The business is family run and owned so we know the value of each customer as an individual. We work as a team to only provide the best customer service and care possible. With over 70 distributors across America selling our products, you can rest assure that we are the leaders in lawn lighthouses, lighthouse accessories and lawn décor.

Our lighthouses are custom built and painted by a single team of experts in each area. Each one is hand crafted and hand painted to meet our top of the line standards. Every lighthouse is designed to last you many years and withstand all the elements mother nature can throw its way. We pay attention to detail like no other company out there. All windows and doors are carefully detailed to offer realistic appeal to even the sharpest eye. Our marine paint is top notch quality to last you many years of enjoyment. We don’t stop there either! Lighthouse Man also offers kits so you can build your very own custom design just the way you imaged it to be.

Not interested in lighthouses? We also specialize in custom crafted poly wishing wells, windmills, and ornamental lawn buoys. For those sea lovers out there, we also offer a whole line of Nautical décor options for your porch, yard, garden, or patio. Our wide variety of lawn décor is only part of the reason we stand out from our competitors.

We strive to stand out above and beyond the rest by taking our time and enjoying everything we do. Our hearts goes into each hand crafted item we sell and the proof is there. Why not take a look for yourself?