Yard and Garden Ornamental Lawn Buoys

Add a Stunning Nautical Touch to Any Outdoor Area with a Yard and Garden Ornamental Lawn Buoys

Nautical decor creates a timeless and classic look in any outdoor space. Whether you’re lucky enough to live near the water or simply want to make an outdoor oasis in your yard, there’s no denying this design style is truly stunning. While there’s many ways to bring that beach feel to your garden, those seeking unforgettable curb appeal know that nothing beats a quality statement piece like lawn and garden ornamental buoys.

Yard and Garden Ornamental Lawn Buoys

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Large Outdoor Yard Buoys

Ornamental Lawn and Garden BuoysOrnament lawn buoys are the perfect decor for anyone seeking to add a touch of nautical whimsy to their home or business. Designed to mirror authentic buoys, they’re ideal for decorating docks, ponds, lawns, and gardens or as a recognizable landmark for any business.

Yard and Garden Ornamental Lawn BuoysWhile adding ornamental lawn buoys to your yard is an excellent way to improve curb appeal, if you’re not purchasing one made from quality, weatherproof materials, they’ll wear down over time. That’s why The Lighthouse Man is committed to providing the highest quality PVC lawn and garden ornamental buoys crafted to look beautiful for years to come!

At The Lighthouse Man, we’re no stranger to crafting superior hand-made lawn and garden decor. Since 1997, we’ve created custom-built lawn ornaments designed with our customer’s needs in mind.

Our best-selling lawn buoys are a fan-favorite thanks to their unmatched beauty, durable construction, and customizable design. But what sets our lawn buoys apart?
Let’s explore this exciting product below.

Durable PVC Buoy Construction

Large Green Ornamental Lawn BuoyWhen investing in outdoor decor, you want products that are built to last. While many companies use low-grade plastics to boost their own profits, yard and garden solar buoys from the Lighthouse Man are made from the highest-quality PVC and fiberglass.

Small Red Ornamental Lawn Buoy We chose these ultra-durable materials for their superior deterioration resistance. We understand that many customers place their lawn and garden ornamental buoys in high-moisture locations, which is why they must have a weatherproof construction. We use the highest-grade PVC and authentic fiberglass, proven to withstand high-humidity regions for unmatched peace of mind.

Your lawn buoy will never rust, crack, or warp, even in the harshest weather conditions. Every lawn and garden ornamental buoy includes two eight-inch powder-coated anchors for secure placement and protection against theft.

There’s also a rechargeable solar light at the top of each buoy, adding the perfect touch of ambiance. We use CNC machines to cut all parts and pieces, ensuring 100% accuracy you can see.

When you choose a lawn and garden ornamental buoy from The Lighthouse Man, you can trust you’re receiving a product crafted to the highest quality standards so you can purchase with confidence.

Lawn Buoy Maintenance Free Design

Lawn and Garden Ornamental Buoy Large RedOne of the top complaints we hear from people purchasing their lawn decor from other companies is how much work goes into their maintenance. You want to create breathtaking curb appeal, but you don’t want to spend all your free time caring for it.

Lawn and Garden Ornamental Buoy Large GreenThe good news is when you purchase a yard and garden solar buoy from The Lighthouse Man, you’ll enjoy a maintenance-free design that looks great year after year.

Our lawn buoys will never delaminate, splinter, or crack, so you can spend your time admiring their beauty instead of cleaning them. We’ve used stainless steel for all fittings and fasteners, so you never have to worry about rust.

Simply wipe clean with a damp sponge, and your ornamental buoy will look as good as it did on day one. Talk about an easy way to improve the look of your outdoor space!

Easy Set Up Garden Buoys

Ornamental Lawn and Garden Small Green BuoyOur lawn and garden ornamental buoys arrive at your door virtually ready for display.

Lawn and Garden Ornamental Buoy Small GreenThere’s no major assembly required; we do the hard work for you!

The bottoms are hollow, making them perfect for placing over unsightly pipes or manhole covers.

Simply set them where you want them and begin enjoying nautical beauty that elevates any yard or garden.

Ornamental Buoy Effortless Customization

Lawn and Garden Ornamental Buoys Green Odd NumbersOur lawn and garden ornamental buoys come in two sizes, 54″ and 28″, making them perfect for an outdoor location.

Lawn and Garden Ornamental Buoys Red Even Numbers

Choose from red or green authentic maritime colors, just like real buoys in the ocean.

Our yard and garden solar buoys include a number plate showcasing a single-digit number, with green buoys featuring odd numbers and red featuring even numbers.

You can create custom number plates up to three digits to accentuate your home or office.

Service You Can Trust

Replacement Solar Light for Lawn Buoys

At The Lighthouse Man, we offer replacement parts and service should you ever need them.

We’re committed to exceptional customer service, so when you purchase our products, you can trust that we’ll provide service when needed.

When you join The Lighthouse Man family, you have confidence knowing we stand behind every product with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Amish Crafted Yard Buoys

Lawn and Garden Ornamental BuoysAll of our lawn and garden ornamental buoys are proudly crafted in Pennsylvania by hard-working Amish craftsmen. We adhere to the highest quality standards, which is why we’re widely recognized for our superior outdoor nautical decor.

Ornamental Lawn and Garden Buoys We believe it’s not enough to create lawn ornaments that look great; they must be able to stand the test of time.

With worldwide shipping, superior customer service, and a dedication to providing durable and beautiful nautical decor, it’s clear to see why our customers have trusted us to continually deliver exceptional products for over 25 years.

For over two decades, The Lighthouse Man has provided custom lawn decor crafted for excellence. Our yard and garden solar buoys are the perfect way to add curb appeal and turn your boring yard into a backyard paradise.

Crafted from the finest materials, our customizable buoys are the most authentic-looking lawn buoys on the market! Made from durable PVC and fiberglass, the maintenance-free design ensures you’ll enjoy years of unmatched outdoor beauty.

Discover why we’re the most trusted name for quality lawn decor and turn your yard into an outdoor oasis that is sure to turn heads with lawn and garden ornamental buoys from The Lighthouse Man.