Lighthouse Kits and Plans

Here is the perfect gift for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person in everyone’s life. If you enjoy building things on your own and having them turn out like the project was completed by a professional, then The Lighthouse Man has just the project for you.  The Lighthouse Man offers DIY Lighthouse kits and plans for the Do-It-Yourself hobbyist in your home.  The plans are easy to follow and break down into easy step by step directions with illustrations to help you along the way.  The plans also feature a material list and a cutting schedule to really give you a great start to your lighthouse project.  The Lighthouse Man also offers accessories for your lighthouse such as windows, doors, revolving beacons and solar beacons. We at The Lighthouse Man look forward to helping you with that next DIY project. Why not try a lighthouse kit or woodworking plan designed especially for you from The Lighthouse Man. Please take some time and look through our vast assortment of kits, plans, and accesories. You won’t be disappointed!

Lighthouse Kits and Plans

Do-It-Yourself Kits and Plans – Click Here

Scout troops, church groups, and Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, looking for that special DIY project?  Why not try one of our Ornamental Lawn Lighthouses. Here at The LIghthouse Man, we offer a wide variety of lawn lighthouse kits and woodworking plans.  The lighthouses come in three sizes; 3’6″, 4’6″, and 5’6″. The lighthouse kits and woodworking plans come with a picture of what the finished Ornamental lawn lighthouse will look like, a list of materials you will need, step by step instructions, as well as a painting schedule and dimensions for painting the body.  Other accessory kits or items that you may wish to add to your project might include our light assembly kits or a completed ornamental lawn lighthouse top.   Give us a try, you will not be disappointed.

Lighthouse Kits and Plans

Lighthouse Lighting Options – Click Here

If you’re building your own backyard or garden lighthouse, let the Lighthouse Man be your supplier for the most extensive line of lighting options. We stock lights that run on standard 110 electric, low voltage, and even solar. We can deliver on authenticity, offering a true fresnel lens, plus three different styles of rotating beacons to meet any need. For the extra large project, we even stock an industrial-sized large revolving beacon. However you’ve imagined lighting up your backyard lighthouse project, the Lighthouse Man has the product to make it a reality!

Lighthouse Kits and Plans

Lighthouse Accessories – For our DIY Customers – Click Here

Let the Lighthouse Man furnish you with those final accessories that will provide those finishing touches to your backyard or garden lighthouse project. We stock a selection of lighthouse doors and windows, from plain to highly-detailed depending on your need. We are proud to offer our authentic, custom crafted, 12-sided cast aluminum top, exclusively at the Lighthouse Man. We also carry a larger, 6-sided cast aluminum top for larger lighthouse projects. The Lighthouse Man even provides timers and remote control units so that you can operate your completed backyard lighthouse from the comfort of your home!