Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage

If your like myself you love low voltage lighting to accentuate your home. This could be from lighting your landscape to lighting your pathway or front entrance.  This beautiful soft light is just perfect for this kind of applications. Throughout the years the Lighthouse Man has perfected a beautiful fully functional Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage lighting option that you can now add to not only all of our lighthouses but also to almost all of the other lighthouse ornaments on the market.  With this feature you now have the convenience of attaching your low voltage yard and garden lighthouse on the same line as your existing pathway or tier lights.  No need to run a costly separate electric line to power your outdoor lighthouse.  Simply convert and connect your outdoor lighthouse to your current low voltage system.

Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage

Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage Lighting Option

The Lighthouse Man now offers a lawn lighthouse low voltage lighting option. Now you can get any of our lighthouses with this low voltage lighting accessory option.  Simply attach our yard and garden lighthouse to your existing low voltage garden pathway lighting system and “presto” your set and ready to go.  Now you can have your lighthouse and garden lights all working together on the same 12 volt line and power unit. No need to go out and turn your lighthouse On or Off now your lighthouse light will come on and off automatically with your existing yard and garden tier lights.   Our lawn lighthouse low voltage lighting option comes with approximately 8′ of high quality exterior grade low voltage cable and simply connects to your existing low voltage system.  This unit comes standard with a 10w bulb.  Connector kit to attach to your existing system is not included as almost every system uses a different connector kit for their product.  Please check with your 12V power supply owners manual to make sure you do not add to many lights to your circuit.   Measures 3.5″W x 3″H

Low Voltage Kit
Qty: Price: $60.00
Lawn Lighthouse Low Voltage - shown in light kit 01

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Please Note: This lighting option was designed to fit inside our Light Kits