Lighthouse Accessories

They always say that the “devil is in the detail“.  Well, the Lighthouse Man knows all about detail, and we want to help you by adding a few of our Lighthouse Accessories to your yard and garden lighthouse.

As a kid, we couldn’t wait for that new model car or that dollhouse under the Christmas Tree.  These gifts meant it was time to accessorize and make them our own unique prize.

For the Do-It-Yourself patron, accessorizing your ornamental lawn lighthouse will be just as much fun.  From the design of the lighthouse, to the custom color painting the options are endless.   Additionally you can add lighting accessories like Revolving Beacon or custom windows and doors.  Therefore you can outfit your lighthouse any way you picture it in your mind.

Lighthouse Accessories

Lighthouse Windows & Doors – Click Here

Each Accessory is specifically designed to enhance any Do-It-Yourself project.  The doors and windows for The Lighthouse Man lighthouses and wordworking projects are no different. They will add a homemade touch to perfect the hard work that you have already put into your ornamental lawn lighthouse.

We have 2 varieties of doors and windows.  There are hard plastic doors and windows that can be attached to the outside of your lighthouse.  We also offer much more detailed wooden doors and windows that can be used for a more authentic looking lighthouse.  These pieces are also offered as replacement parts to refurbish those older model lighthouses that might need just a little updating.

Lighthouse Accessories

Lighthouse Light Kits – Click Here

Are you looking for just the right top to cap your backyard lighthouse project?  The Lighthouse Man is pleased to offer the finest tops or lighthouse light kits in both quality and authenticity.  Our 12-sided, cast aluminum top was custom designed and manufactured exclusively by the Lighthouse Man for our detail-driven customers.  A larger 6-sided, cast aluminum top is available for extra-large lighthouse projects.

Cast aluminum is highly weather resistant, won’t rust, and is virtually maintenance-free.  To get the best top for your lawn and garden lighthouse, trust the Lighthouse Man.

Lighthouse Remote Control & Timer

Remote Control & Timer – Click Here

Once the Do-It-Yourself patron completes his project, he likes to sit back and admire his hard work. What better way to do this than making use of The Lighthouse Man Remote Control or Timer.   The Remote Control has an on/off switch which allows you to turn your lighthouse on and off from the comfort of your own home.   The Electronic Outdoor Timer is the perfect addition to your lighthouse project.  You won’t forget to turn off your timer with this little gadget.