This is what I always tell my customer: πŸ˜ƒ

If you are going for authencity and you want the WOW factor then 100% go for the Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses.  πŸ”₯
These lighthouses are by far the BEST quality lighthouses on the market guaranteed.

Now if you do not care so much about authenticity and you are looking for 100% maintenance free our Poly Lighthouses would be a great option.

Now something to note with the Deluxe Stucco lighthouses that really seperate it from all others is that in 10 years from now you can totally refurbish and re-paint your lighthouse and make it look like the day you got it.  πŸ’₯

Please Note you can NOT do this with the poly lighthouses.  Poly lighthouses are not painted as the color is infused in the product during the manufacturing process, thus once the colors fade over time there is NOTHING you can do to bring it back to the original color.