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Stone Lawn Lighthouses

For a truly magnificent design that will catch anyone’s eye, we offer a line of stunning Stone Lawn Lighthouses. These lighthouses will brighten up any landscape design with a beautiful and natural looking piece of craftsmanship. Each of our Stone Lawn Lighthouses are handcrafted using real stone set in a standard masonry fashion to offer a sturdy design that is virtually maintenance free. Natural stone also ages beautifully giving each of our Stone Lighthouses its own look over time. Unlike other stone or rock lighthouses, we at Lighthouse Man bring you truly unique works of character and art for a stunning creation that will last you many years. Our Stone Lawn Lighthouses are ideal for pond settings, pool side décor, as garden center pieces, or your own custom backyard oasis conversation piece. You will not find a more stunning custom crafted stone lawn lighthouse on the market!
Available in two different sizes, 4’6″ and 5′.

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4'6 Stone Lighthouse
Qty: Price: $579.00 Shipping: $269.98
5'Stone Lighthouse
Qty: Price: $629.00 Shipping: $269.98

Our Deluxe Stone Lawn Lighthouses are undoubtedly the finest Stone lawn and garden lighthouse on the market today.  Each Stone lighthouse is meticulously handcrafted from river rock and masonry over a solid foam core.  Each stone is carefully applied one at a time.  Because of this special painstaking technique , you are guaranteed a truly “one-of-a-kind” stone lighthouse.  Once the stone is adhered to the foam core we then use a type S mortar, and grout between each individual stone making a smooth beautiful transition from one stone to another.  This completely ties the entire lighthouse together and makes it look absolutely stunning.  After the mortar is fully cured we then further protect and enhance our stone lighthouses by coating it with a special formulated high gloss rubber urethane sealer.  This not only bonds and protects the mortar and stone but it also brings out all of the beautiful vibrant colors of each individual stone.
Our signature lawn and garden lighthouses are meticulously detailed with six-paneled doors, windows fitted with glass and curtains.  For durability and detail, nothing can match the Stone Lawn Lighthouse, exclusively at the Lighthouse Man.

***Our Stone Lawn Lighthouses are Shipped via Motor Freight due to the size and weight of the item. We offer a standard blanket shipping price of $269.98. This price includes packing shipping and insurance. Please note: Each stone lighthouse will be shrunk wrapped and then wrapped in a heavy duty plastic.  Then each lighthouse will be shipped in a specially made box and encased in 12″ of foam for shipping safety. Please note since this item is shipped via motor freight shipping prices may vary depending on destination location.   For example if you are located on the far west coast or are considered a remote location then those additional shipping fees will be added.   If that is the case then we will give you a full shipping quote to cover these fees.   If you are not sure if your location will require additional charges then we recommend that you contact us via email before ordering to get a full shipping quote.   Please follow and read our motor freight instructions on our policy page.  under the tab Motor Freight  Shipping Information

Lawn Lighthouse Accessories

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