E-Line Stucco Lawn Lighthouses

Cape Hatteras E-Line Stucco Lawn Lighthouses
Barnegat E-Line Stucco Lawn Lighthouses

If you want a sturdy, long lasting, amazingly crafted lighthouse but can’t afford our top of the line Deluxe Stucco models, then the E-line Stucco  Lawn Lighthouses are for you. Here at Lighthouse Man, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our amazing Stucco lawn lighthouses so with the E-line, or “Economy Line”, you get everything at the core of our Deluxe Stucco line for a fraction of the cost. Each of our E-line Stucco Lawn Lighthouses are constructed with a foam core that is covered in synthetic stucco and then hand painted with marine grade paint for a lasting finish. Each one is built to last 8 times longer than any other wooden lighthouse on the market. They are more authentic than wooden lighthouses without having to spend more. You save with our E-line because they lack the signature detailing of our Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses. The Lighthouse Man is the leading lawn and yard lighthouse distributor in the country not just for our quality, but for our options as well.

“The Lighthouse Man” manufactures the finest quality Custom Crafted E-Line Stucco Lighthouses on the market today. These amazing outdoor ornamental lighthouses are meticulously handcrafted from synthetic stucco and masonry over a solid foam core making it virtually impervious to the elements.  20 Different styles to choose from !!! Available in 3′, 4′ and 5′ Models.
Over the past several years we have been asked by a number of our customers and distributors to please come out with a more economical line of stucco lighthouses. We have been told that our deluxe custom stucco lighthouses are the best but the problem is that not everyone can afford this style of lighthouse. So we listened to our customers and here it is!!!   The challenge was not easy but we did it!!! We are now price competitive to the wooden and Amish built lighthouses. We are not only price comparable but we also built a product that will last 8 times longer then any wooden lighthouse on the market.  Then not to be undone we also made our lighthouses more authentic and realistic looking.  Each of our yard and Garden E-line Stucco Lighthouses illuminates a soft continuous light or you can always upgrade to a Solar Beacon or a revolving beacon.  Our exterior E-line Stucco Lighthouses are hand-painted with marine paint to replicate actual lighthouses, but we will custom paint any of our lighthouse ornaments to match your personal choice or decor at NO additional charge.

Advantages of our E-Line (Economy) Stucco Lighthouses over Wooden or Amish Lighthouses!

  1. Stucco will last 8 times longer then any wooden lighthouse on the market.
  2. Stucco lighthouses are virtually maintenance free.
  3. Stucco Lighthouses are More Authentic and Realistic looking.
  4. Stucco is more detailed and built just like an original lighthouse not 6, 8 or even 12 sided like the wooden lighthouses.
  5. You can get more Accessories with the Stucco Lighthouses.
  6. You get all of this for the same price as a Wooden Amish lighthouse !!!

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