Wooden Lawn Lighthouses

Wooden Lawn Lighthouses
Wooden Lighthouse Size Chart

Wooden Lawn Lighthouse Size Chart

Montauk Wooden Lawn Lighthouses

Available in 7 Different Sizes

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For a more simpler feel and rustic look, The Lighthouse Man offers the most amazing wooden lawn lighthouses around. These are perfect for anyone that prefers a lighter weighted construction with a more earthy feel. Like all of our other models, these Amish wooden lawn lighthouses are handmade and constructed with only high-quality materials.

Each one is made using top-grade sign board and then hand-painted for a beautiful finish that is made to recreate a real-to-life lighthouse. These make perfect options for porches, patios, and center garden pieces. If you are a fan of handcrafted wood lawn dΓ©cor, look no further than the best on the market!  Lighthouse Man leads the way with quality and craftsmanship in every single Wooden Lawn Lighthouse we offer. Don’t settle for the rest, buy the best!


Click on Pictures to see Details and Pricing πŸ’₯

Wooden Lawn Lighthouse Accessories

Remember the Lighthouse Man is the LEADING Manufacturer of Custom Crafted Lawn Lighthouses and Lighthouse Accessories.  Thus we offers the largest selection of accessories for your Wooden Lighthouse.  We have: Solar Lights, Revolving Beacons, Timers, Remotes, and so much more.

Handcrafted Amish “Painted” Wooden Lawn Lighthouses
Available in 20 different styles and 7 Different sizes 2′,3′,4′,5′,6′,8′,and 12′

Who can resist our Amish wooden lawn lighthouses? Place one near your pond or water garden. Or use it as a stand alone yard ornament. Light your pathway or use it as a lamp post. The possiblilties are endless. You can also use our wooden lawn lighthouses to cover an unsightly well head or pipe. Again no one does it better then the “Lighthouse Man

Please Note: For smaller size lighthouses you will get less windows and doors. Thus they will be removed so the lighthouse stays proportional.
Again we can not fit 2-3 windows plus a door on a smaller little 2′ or 3′ lighthouses as it just will not fit. Please note: The 2′ lighthouses does not feature windows or doors as it is just to small. So please use your judgment as the pictures shown on this page are of our 5′ wooden lighthouse models. If you are not sure of the amount of windows or doors that will come with a smaller lighthouse like that of a 2′ or 3′ model then please ask questions before you place your order. We are here to assist you.

Replacment Tops and Hoods for our Wooden Lighthouses

Replacement Part
for Wooden Lighthouses

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Add that Nautical charm to your lawn or garden with our hand-painted wooden Amish lighthouses. Our handcrafted Amish outdoor lighthouses ARE NOT not your typical Amish wooden lighthouses. Our lighthouses are made from a high quality exterior sign board material. Made for years of outdoor use. Most Amish manufactures use, OSB, Pine,or T-111. Which of course will not hold up in the harsh outdoor elements. Our Amish lawn and garden lighthouses are built to last and stand the test of time. We are the Leader for a reason!!!

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Wooden Lawn Lighthouses

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