Why Buy your Lawn Lighthouse From the Lighthouse Man ???

What Makes Our Lighthouses the Best???

Mascot Lighthouse Man Logo StandingThroughout the year, I field at least 100 phone calls from potential customers asking why they should buy one of our lawn and garden lighthouses and not a lighthouse from their local garden center,  Bob the local handyman down the street, or from a big box store like Wal-Mart or Lowes. After all,” they can give me a better price than what I’m seeing on your website”. My answer always starts with “because my lighthouses are a better quality product and will last 8 times longer than any other lighthouse on the market.” You may find them cheaper in the beginning, but trust me when things start to go wrong, and they will, the added expense can be exorbitant and very frustrating.

Let me give you an example: This past year I had a phone call from a woman who had been on vacation with her family. They were travelling though Maine and found a small mom and pop garden shop off the highway. She purchased a lighthouse from them and continued home to North Carolina. She was all excited to place her lighthouse in her yard. After about a month, she noticed that the solar light wasn’t working anymore. She called the Garden shop where she purchased the lighthouse and the gentleman told her in a very friendly manner that they didn’t stock replacement parts and so he didn’t know what she wanted him to do. What she wanted was a replacement light, but what she got was a “sorry, I can’t help you”. She hoped I had something that would work. Unfortunately I didn’t. Long story short, she checked out our website and feel in love with our Deluxe Stucco Cape Hatteras model and purchased one from us. Her last words that she said during our phone conversation was, “Kevin,  I wish I had found you before I bought the other one!” Unfortunately this is a very common statement that I hear many times over and over every single year. I’m simply telling you this so you do not make that same mistake that so many others make.

Now, I admit I am NOT the only lighthouse manufacturer out there, but I am the LEADER in our industry.   All of my competitors are trying to copy everything I do. I do not get upset because the fact of the matter is that when people or companies try to copy everything you do that simply proves your point to everyone that you are the LEADER in your field. Think about it, why would someone copy the Lighthouse Man if we are not the Leaders in our industry? Answer is they wouldn’t!!!   Here is another True story you can test:  There are Amish Companies paying  Goolge Adwords for MY business name “Lighthouse Man”  So when someone goes to Google and types “Lighthouse Man” they are paying Google to have their business appear in-front of mine.  (A business only does that if they want to be like us!!!)

Fact: NO other lighthouse businesses out there uses the same high grade material we use. For example we use a high quality, high density foam for the body or the core of our decorative lawn and garden lighthouses. All other manufactures use wood like T-111 or OSB(Oriented Strand Board). These materials WILL fail guaranteed over the next few short years, where the foam core will never fail as foam will not rot like wood nor will it rust like metal. Paint is another big difference we do not use cheap paint. We ONLY use high grade Industrial Marine Paint from Sherwin Williams.

Another reason you should choose our lighthouses is that we manufacture them right here in the U.S.A.  Again our lighthouses are made here in Lewisburg, PA. Thus we have replacement parts and pieces available for all of our lighthouses. We also carry a large inventory of Revolving Beacon parts like, LED Bulb, Motors, Gears, sockets, etc etc.. We are also proud to offer the largest selection of parts on the market for our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Customers. From completed tops to doors and windows we have everything you would and could ever need to build or finish your lighthouse.

When you work with other companies, resellers or, distributors, you are locked into corporation rules and regulations. This means that if something fails on your lighthouse in a few short months other companies like Wal-Mart can’t and won’t do anything for you.

For example : Every year I have at least 25-30 customers call me and say I purchased this cute little lighthouse from Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc etc… and now only after 3-6 month the solar light has stopped working or the top fell off or it was damaged in the storm, you name it I have heard it. What they are asking me is if I can please fix their mass produced lighthouse from China.    I always say very nicely well why don’t you take it back to Wal-Mart or the store you purchased it from and see if they are willing to take care of the product they sold you? Now I already know the answer but it simply proves my point !!! This is how everyone replies back, well I did but the lighthouse we purchased has now been discontinued or they no longer stocking the item anymore and they do not carry replacement parts as they simply purchase complete units “that are mass produced in China”. Again I not bashing other companies or products I’m simply telling you this very important information so you do not make the same mistakes so many other people make.

Another fact that I want to point out is that many retail stores or distributors will not stock or sell replacement parts because they simply want to sell you a brand new item at full retail price. We here are the Lighthouse Man do not play that game we want to take care of our customers and we stock a full line of replacement parts to help our customers.

Our customer service is another reason you should choose Lighthouse Man.com. We are very efficient and timely. We have been answering phone calls and emails personally since 1997. When you call The Lighthouse Man, you will never be asked to push this button or that button. You may get an answering machine if we are in the other workshop, but your call will be returned within the same business day. Generally, within the next hour or so. If you make arrangements to come and visit the facility, we take the time to explain the process of how we make the lighthouses, you can meet the staff that builds and paints the lighthouses, as well as seeing the finished products in our warehouse. We take the time to answer any and all questions you may have and we can find a lighthouse within your monetary means. We strive to work with our customers in every way so they have the best experience when shopping for and or purchasing their new lighthouse. All of these reasons are what makes us the LEADER or the best choice for your lawn Lighthouse purchase. We look forward to helping you in the near future.

Kevin L. Wagner (Owner/founder of The Lighthouse Man)