Hey there lighthouse lovers! Have you just received your new E-Line Stucco Lighthouse? Awesome! Now lets install those plastic windows and doors.

I totally get the temptation to just slap them on randomly, but take it from me, a little prep will make a big difference. Here’s my 3 easy tips:

1. Lightly sand the back of each window and door. This roughs up the surface so the glue can grip better.

2. Warm up the plastic with a hairdryer on hot, and bend to shape over your arm. Get them good and curved before they cool off.

3. Use a clear drying glue like Gorilla Super Glue Gel. Run a bead around each piece and attach to the lighthouse.

Once glued in place, put some painter’s tape strips over the windows and doors while drying. The green frog tape sticks best!

Now stand back and admire those custom placed windows and doors! Let me know if you have any other questions – I love helping fellow lighthouse builders. Your unique creation is going to look awesome!