The Magic of a Wishing Well Lawn Ornament

Are you tired of your home’s boring outdoor appearance and would love to find a way to add charm and beauty? Do you wish there was a unique and attractive way to hide an unsightly pipe or manhole cover? Look no further because the answer is clear: wishing wells!

The Magic of a Yard and Garden Wishing Well

Transform Your Garden into a Fairytale Oasis

Jumbo Poly Wishing Well Yard OrnamentWishing wells are an easy and fun way to add instant charm and curb appeal to your home or business. They ignite the imagination and transport you into a world of magic and creativity. While there’s no doubt that lawn and garden wishing wells are the ideal yard accessory, they’re not all created equal. Choosing ones crafted from the finest materials is the key to long-lasting beauty. That’s where the Lighthouse Man comes in!

Whether you’re looking for a small or large outdoor wishing well for sale, we’re the most trusted name in the business. Our wishing wells are ultra-durable, featuring poly lumber that never fades, cracks, or splinters. We offer both Poly and Stone Base wishing wells that are customizable to fit your needs. What are the benefits of adding one of our stunning lawn and garden wishing wells to your outdoor space? Keep reading to find out!

Add Instant Charm

Jumbo Stone Base Wishing Well Birchwood and MahoganyWishing wells are the ultimate whimsical addition to any yard or outdoor area. Their old-fashioned design transports you to bygone days when the beauty of life was in its simplicity. Placing a wishing well in a garden or as a focal point will give your home instant curb appeal, making it look cozy and inviting.

Wishing wells create a cottage-like feel that’s the perfect mixture of quaint charm and hominess. They’re the ideal decor for both large and small yards and look great year-round. For added whimsy, place them in a garden surrounded by an array of flowers and shrubs, or create a magical world with garden gnomes, lawn statues, and similar accessories.

Hide Unsightly Utilities

Wishing Well Hollow Base

No one wants to look at unsightly utilities like pipes or manhole covers in front of their home or business, but finding attractive ways to hide them can be a challenge. Wishing wells make it easy; simply place over these items, and they’re instantly transformed into an eye-catching display.

At the Lighthouse Man, our wishing wells come with a hollow bottom that make it easy to place them over virtually anything you’re trying to hide. You don’t have to worry about cutting, sawing, or adjusting your wishing well to fit; just place in the desired spot and you’re done.

Create a Focal Point

Lawn and Garden Poly Wishing WellsLawn and garden wishing wells make a stunning focal point for homes and businesses. Make your home stand out from the rest by creating unforgettable curb appeal. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your outdoor space and create a charming display that turns heads.

Businesses love adding wishing wells, too, since they’re an excellent way to grab attention. As a business owner, finding ways to set your business apart is crucial for drawing in customers, and wishing wells do just that! Placing one in front of your building is an excellent way to grab people’s attention and separate your company from others.

Even if you only have a limited amount of space, you can still enjoy all the benefits of adding a wishing well to your business since the Lighthouse Man offers a variety of sizes starting at only 19″ x 39″!


Quality Poly Lumber for Wishing Well Lawn OrnamentsOne of the most frustrating parts of decorating a yard is finding high-quality decor and accessories. Many are made from low-quality materials and only designed to look good, not last the test of time. The result? You end up re-purchasing products that rust, deteriorate, or lose their color.

Not with wishing wells! When you buy a wishing well from a reputable company like the Lighthouse Man, you never have to worry about them wearing down over time. We use premium poly lumber that’s made from recycled milk jugs for a sustainable and beautiful lawn accessory you can be proud of. Our poly is 100% maintenance-free and will never crack, or splinter.

Poly Lumber used for our Wishing WellsThe color runs throughout the product, ensuring it remains vibrant for years to come. Plus, our wishing wells are resistant to wet rot, microbe activities, boring worms, termites, and all insects. Since they won’t wear down, you can trust that your wishing well will look beautiful for a lifetime. Using high-quality decor like our lawn and garden wishing wells elevates your home, adding instant curb appeal and value.


Creating breathtaking curb appeal can be complicated, but with our lawn and garden wishing wells, it’s easy! We deliver your wishing well to your door, fully assembled, so you don’t have to spend hours putting it together. In fact, unlike other companies, we offer nationwide shipping, so no matter where you live, you can enjoy the beauty and whimsy of your very own wishing well!

Discover how lawn and garden wishing wells can transform your home or business with the Lighthouse Man. We’re the premier provider of high-quality wishing wells and garden accessories. We also proudly offer:

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