So You Want to Build a Lawn Lighthouse ?

This blog post is for my Do-It-Yourself or DIY customers out there. I want you to know that when I decided to make my mom that first lighthouse years ago, before it was all said and done, I seriously had to throw away 3 partially completed lighthouses. The angles weren’t right, I couldn’t get the degrees to work that it looked like a lighthouse. They looked more like cones and lopsided houses. I was really glad that I had decided to use cheaper wood when I started because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I honestly wish that there had been someone like myself out there when I was first starting out. Someone to teach me how to get the correct angles, or where to purchase lighthouse parts and pieces to make my lighthouse look awesome.  Also it sure would have been nice to know just little things like where to get custom windows or door or how far down do you  put the windows so they didn’t look like they were floating in space.  More or less someone who could have saved me a whole lot of time and money. I know it would have saved me from being so frustration and a feeling of failure.

Building a lighthouse doesn’t look like an impossible project to undertake and it really isn’t, because you have me and my many  Years of experience with trial and error or what I like to call my learning curve. I want to help you understand and realize that with my help, you can build a lighthouse to be proud of. I have taken great pride in helping others do things on their own, even if I knew I could do it better or faster myself. How will anyone learn to do for themselves, if we continue to do it for them? Makes sense to me… so now with this philosophy in hand, I want to help you build your own lighthouse. You won’t have my fancy foam cutting machine or my employees, but you don’t need either of these. I have put together step by step working plans that include the design and measurements of the lighthouse, templates for cutting out your wood, illustrations that visually walk you through the cutting process, a paint schedule and color scheme for the lighthouse you choose to build, and a light system and beacon, as well as several items that can be purchased to give greater authenticity to your lighthouse such as hand-painted windows and doors and a deluxe top with custom cage or (Light Kits) that will not rust to really set your lighthouse off.

Here at the Lighthouse Man, I want to give you options. This is why we provide an option for plastic windows versus the hand-painted custom windows with glass and curtains. We include instructions on how to build a top for your lighthouse or you can upgrade and purchase one of our deluxe, custom-crafted tops with an aluminum cage and hard plastic insert that doesn’t rust. We offer revolving beacons or solar Beacon lights for your lighthouse to help accentuate the authenticity. Again, I want to stress that I want you to have options when building your lighthouse. It is your project and you can spend as little or as much as you choose. Give it a try and let me help you…build that Yard or Garden lighthouse you have been dreaming about!   Kevin “The Lighthouse Man”

So you Want to Build a Lawn Lighthouse ? Lighthouse Kits and Working Plans