Wooden Lighthouse Base

Don’t forget to add a Wooden Lighthouse Base to your custom lighthouse.  Our lighthouse bases are a great addition to any yard or garden lighthouse.  You can get a beautiful lighthouse base in 14 plus custom colors.  Our handcrafted Amish Wooden Lighthouse Base is designed for our Wooden lighthouses. NOTE: THIS IS JUST FOR THE BASE ACCESSORY.   THE LIGHTHOUSE IS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Please Note: When ordering your wooden lighthouse base you will need to choose the color combination you want.  The Main color or Primary Color will be the one which you have the most of on the base; the trim color or accent color will be the one you have less of on the wooden lighthouse base.

Wooden Lighthouse Bases

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Yard and Garden Lighthouses shown with optional Base
Wooden Lighthouses Shown with Optional Base
Variety of Wooden Lighthouses Shown with optional Base
Wooden Color Chart

Wooden Lighthouse Base Dimensions

Lighthouse Size

The chart above shows detailed measurements for each Wooden Lighthouse Base base that we offer.

Our Wooden Lighthouses are hollow inside, so many of our customers buy these units to cover unsightly obstructions in their yard like well pipes, stumps, etc.

Optional Lighthouse Base Accessory

2' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $66.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

3' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $78.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

4' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $115.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

5' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $118.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

6' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $145.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

8' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $245.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

12' Lighthouse Base
Qty: Price: $335.00
Main Color:

Trim Color:

Decorative Ornamental Lighthouse Base Accessory

Add a Wooden Lighthouse base to your lighthouse today!!!   Are you looking to bring a quaint coastal feeling to your home or garden? Look no further, our Wooden Amish Lawn and Garden Lighthouses.   These lighthouses will brighten your landscape and bring the beauty of a nautical accent in your yard. Our Wooden Lighthouses are handcrafted from a top quality signboard plywood and painted with an exterior paint to endure all types of weather conditions.

Other details include 14 custom paint colors to choose from, an optional add on base to add height, and all lighthouses come with a standard 40 watt bulb. You may choose to upgrade your lighting to an electric revolving beacon or a solar Beacon to give your lighthouse that more authentic feel. Our lighthouses offer a unique way to beautify your landscape by covering well casings, sewer pipes, or anything else in your yard!

Price Match Guarantee   We will beat or match any like competitor price, Guaranteed!!!

Don’t be misled, not all lighthouses are equal! Our Wooden outdoor lighthouse are built to last.  Our lighthouses are constructed of exterior grade signboard plywood and painted with high quality exterior paint. Our wooded Amish lighthouses will endure all types of weather conditions for many years. The Lighthouse Man backs our quality Wooden Lawn Lighthouses with our Satisfaction Guarantee and the best pricing for wood and poly lighthouses.

Wooden Lighthouse Base - Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras shown with optional Wooden Lighthouse Base

Wooden Lighthouse Base

White/Black Trim Wooden Lighthouse Base

Wooden Lighthouse Base

White/Cardinal Red Red Trim Wooden Lighthouse Base

Lighthouse Lighting Accessories

Don’t forget to add your Lighting Accessories to your Wooden Lawn Lighthouse

Revolving BeaconsSolar Beacons | Fresnel LensLow Voltage Lighting |

Detailed Wooden Lighthouse Measurement Guide

Outside Diameter at Bottom:
2′ lighthouse: 12 1/2″
3′ lighthouse: 15 1/2″
4′ lighthouse: 20 1/2″
5′ lighthouse: 22″
6′ lighthouse: 25″
8′ lighthouse: 34″
12′ lighthouse: 49″

Inside Diameter at Bottom:
2′ lighthouse: 8 1/2″
3′ lighthouse: 10 1/2″
4′ lighthouse: 15 3/8″
5′ lighthouse: 16 3/4″
6′ lighthouse: 20″
8′ lighthouse: 28″ has braces at the base
12′ lighthouse: 40″ has braces at the base

Inside Height:
2′ lighthouse: 12″
3′ lighthouse: 19″
4′ lighthouse: 29″
5′ lighthouse: 39″
6′ lighthouse: 48″
8′ lighthouse: 79″
12′ lighthouse: 109″

Inside Diameter at Top:
2′ lighthouse: 4 3/4″
3′ lighthouse: 5 7/8″
4′ lighthouse: 7 1/2″
5′ lighthouse: 7 5/8″
6′ lighthouse: 10 3/4″
8′ lighthouse: 13 1/2″
12′ lighthouse: 18 1/2″

Inside Diameter at 2′ High:
2′ lighthouse: N/A
3′ lighthouse: N/A
4′ lighthouse: 8 1/2″
5′ lighthouse: 11 1/4″
6′ lighthouse: 15 1/2″
8′ lighthouse: 23″
12′ lighthouse: 36″

Dimensions of Optional Base:
Diameter: 2’=13″ 3’=18″, 4’=22″, 5’=24″, 6’=27″
Height: 2’=4.5″ 3’=6″, 4’=8″, 5’=10″, 6’=12″