Bird Feeders

My mom and dad have old bird feeders sitting on their deck. They sit under the thermometer and since we cut down the Maple tree 5 years ago, there is relatively no shade until later in the day. The Maple tree used to house all of my mom’s bird houses, but they have been placed in the basement for now. Back to the bird feeder on the deck, I stopped by to visit last week and we were sitting at the kitchen table. There are French doors off the kitchen to the deck and straight out is where the bird feeder sits. My parents fill it with peanuts and they get a lot of blue jays that come to check it out. Lately the squirrels have been chasing the blue jays off and taking the nuts for themselves. While we were sitting there talking in the kitchen, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to get a better look and saw a gray squirrel at the corner moving toward the bird feeder. It wasn’t the fact that he was moving toward the bird feeder that drew my attention, but the WAY he was moving toward it. The gray squirrel was actually doing what looked like an Army crawl toward the bird feeder! Laying completely out on his belly and crawling toward the bird feeder! After he got his peanut, he took about 5 steps, laid down, and chewed away before he crawled back for 4 more nuts! The bird feeders were designed for the birds, but our squirrels are much more interesting to watch. If you want to enjoy the playful antics of our outdoor friends, check out our line of Bird Feeders. We have two different styles: Decorative Bird Feeders and Gazebo Bird Feeders.

Decorative Birdfeeders

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Primitive Birdfeeders

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