Lighthouse Replicas

We at the Lighthouse Man are pleased to offer the most extensive line of lawn and garden lighthouse Replicas  featuring the greatest variety of features to meet every need and desire. We carry highly detailed lawn lighthouse replicas for the life-long enthusiast, as well as simple backyard lighthouse replicas for the economically-minded. We can provide life-sized, usable lighthouse storage sheds to miniature lighthouse tier lights to illuminate your garden path. From durable stucco, to beautiful stone, to natural wood, the Lighthouse Man is your leading source for every variety of lawn lighthouse replicas.

Lighthouse Replicas - Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouses for Yard or Garden

Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here

Our Deluxe Stucco Lighthouse Replicas are undoubtedly the finest lawn and garden lighthouse on the market today in both quality and authenticity. Handcrafted by the Lighthouse Man using a solid foam core covered by a synthetic stucco. These sturdy lawn lighthouse replicas are virtually impervious to the elements. Each lawn lighthouse is hand-painted with marine-grade paint to accurately recreate the look of any actual lighthouse. Our signature lawn lighthouses are meticulously detailed with six-paneled doors, windows fitted with glass and curtains, and two-tiered catwalks. For durability and detail, nothing can match the Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouse Replicas, exclusively at the Lighthouse Man.

Lighthouse Replicas - E-line Stucco Lawn Lighthouses - for Yard or Garden

E-Line Stucco Lawn Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here

Looking for a lawn lighthouse replicas that have the acclaimed durability of our Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses, but is as economical as a Wooden Lighthouse? Then the E-Line (Economy Line) Lighthouse replicas were designed with you in mind. All E-Line Lighthouses are constructed using a foam core covered with a synthetic stucco and hand-painted with marine-grade paint, just like the Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses. They will last up to 8 times longer than any Wooden Lighthouse. We can keep these sturdy lawn lighthouses more economical because all E-Line Lighthouses lack the signature detail found on the Deluxe Stucco Lighthouses. If you want durability at less expense, check out our E-Line Lighthouse Replicas.

Lighthouse Replicas - Wooden Lawn Lighthouses - for Yard or Garden

Wooden Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here

Add the charm and nostalgia of simpler times with our Wooden Lawn Lighthouse Replicas by the Lighthouse Man. Built to last, these lawn lighthouses are constructed of high-quality sign board and hand-painted to recreate any number of actual lighthouses. If you enjoy the look of handcrafted woodwork, then let the Lighthouse Man supply you with a real Wooden Lawn Lighthouse Replicas for your backyard.

Lighthouse Replicas - Polywood Lawn Lighthouses for Yard or Garden

Standard Polywood Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here
Authentic Polywood Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here

If you enjoy the handcrafted look of our Wooden Lawn Lighthouse Replicas, but are tired of repainting or replacing parts every few years, then we recommend you consider upgrading to a Polywood Lawn Lighthouse. Polywood is simply recycled plastic products (milk jugs, water bottles, etc.) manufactured to resemble real lumber. Unlike actual wood, Polywood will not splinter, crack, or fade over time as the color goes all the way through the product. In a Polywood Lawn Lighthouse from the Lighthouse Man, you get the 8-sided look of our Wooden Lighthouse in a virtually weather-resistant, maintenance-free lawn lighthouse that will last a lifetime.

Lighthouse Replicas - Hybrid Yard Lighthouses - for Lawn or Garden

Hybrid Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here

The Lighthouse Man continues a tradition of innovation in lawn lighthouse replicas by offering the Hybrid Outdoor Lighthouse. This unique lawn lighthouse is constructed of a polywood top and base for years of virtual maintenance-free enjoyment. All of these lawn lighthouses have wooden bodies composed of high-quality sign board that can be hand-painted to recreate any actual lighthouse. Thus, you get the durability and weather-resistance of polywood, as well as the flexibility of natural wood to match any paint scheme, all where they’re most need in a lawn lighthouse. Another original product brought to you by the leading manufacturer of custom crafted lawn lighthouses, the Lighthouse Man.

Lighthouse Replicas - Stone Lawn Lighthouses - for Yard or Garden

Stone Lawn Lighthouse Replicas – Click Here

Are you looking for a truly unique focal point for your backyard? Whether it’s for a newly landscaped yard, a colorful flower garden, or a favorite fish pond, a Stone Lawn Lighthouse from the Lighthouse Man is sure to please. Handcrafted using real stones set in masonry, these sturdy lawn lighthouses are virtually maintenance-free. Each Stone Lighthouse is truly unique, bristling with its own character and distinct natural beauty. An ideal addition to any natural setting, the Stone Lawn Lighthouse is built for years of enjoyment.

Lighthouse Replicas - Lighthouse Tier Lights / Lighthouse Pathway Lights -for Yard or Garden

Lighthouse Tier Lights – Click Here

Lighthouse Pathway Lights – Click Here

Are you looking to get more lighthouses into your backyard? Then why not replace your sidewalk and garden accent lights with Lighthouse Tier Lights or our Lighthouse Pathway Lights. These adorable miniature lawn lighthouses are constructed using the same foam core covered with synthetic stucco and hand-painted using marine-grade paints just as our full-sized models. We offer a variety of styles to liven up your backyard or even a room in your home! Each mini lawn lighthouse can be outfitted with standard 110 electric, low voltage, or solar to meet your lighting needs. Let our Lighthouse Tier Lights light your paths!

Lighthouse Replicas - Lawn Lighthouse Storage Sheds and playhouses

Lighthouse Storage Sheds and Playhouses – Click Here

The next best thing to owning an actual lighthouse is having a Lighthouse Storage Shed built by the Lighthouse Man. Take your interest in lawn lighthouses to the next level by installing a life-sized, fully-usable lighthouse shed on your property. Functional and eye-catching, you can both store your garden tools and lawn mower in this Lighthouse Storage Shed as well as impress your friends and neighbors. Customizable in a variety of configurations and paint schemes, the Lighthouse Storage Shed is the ultimate walk-in lawn lighthouse experience.

Lawn Lighthouse Accessories

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