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3' E-line
American Lighthouse

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4' E-line
American Lighthouse

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5' E-line

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American E-Line Yard Lighthouse

The American E-Line Yard Lighthouse is part of the Lighthouse Man’s line of lawn and garden lighthouses that lead the industry in quality, durability, and value.  The E-Line (Economy Line) was designed in response to our customer’s appreciation and request for a more economical version of our Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouses.  Each American E-Line Yard Lighthouse is handcrafted using a solid foam core covered with our signature synthetic stucco.  It is carefully hand-painted using marine-grade paint to accurately recreate the markings of the actual lighthouse.  This sturdy lawn and garden replica is virtually weather-resistant and will last up to 8 times longer than any wooden lighthouse, all at a comparable price.  This price match is achieved by reducing the amount of detail that the Deluxe Stucco line is recognized for (actual doors and windows, two-tiered catwalks, pedestal bases, etc.).  Detail may be reduced, but quality and durability remain while that sought after value has been added.  Each American E-Line Yard Lighthouse is equipped with a plastic door and window to approximate the actual lighthouse, our exclusive cast aluminum top, and a 40 watt bulb that operates on standard 110 electric.

Make sure that your American E-Line Yard Lighthouse is just right by customizing it with our full range of options.  Upgrade to one of our halogen or LED bulbs or install one of our rotating beacons.  We can help you get connected to your outdoor low voltage system or stand alone with our industry best solar beacons.  Choose from our inventory of 35 paints and change the color of the lighthouse markings, or even the markings themselves, to match your décor at no additional cost.  Consider enhancing the beauty and authenticity of your lawn lighthouse by adding hand-painted windows and door.  We are pleased to offer the American E-Line Yard Lighthouse in several different sizes to compliment your outdoor space.

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American E-Line Yard Lighthouse