Fenwick Island Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Man is proud to offer the Fenwick Island Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouse as part of our signature line of lawn and garden lighthouses.  In fact our deluxe stucco lighthouses truly set the industry standard for excellence in both quality and authenticity.
Our beautiful lighthouse reproductions are 100% handcrafted, in addition each model features a solid weatherproof foam core covered with synthetic stucco.  Each unit is then meticulously hand painted using only marine grade paints to accurately replicate the real Fenwick lighthouse.  Therefore, every lighthouse is highly weather-resistant to whatever harsh elements may come its way.  As a result our lawn lighthouse will last up to 8 times longer than any other lighthouse on the market.

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4' Fenwick Lighthouse
Qty: Price: $549.00
Shipping: $99.99
5'Fenwick Lighthouse
Qty: Price: $649.00
Shipping: $99.99
8'Fenwick Lighthouse
Qty: Price: $1,799.00
Motor Freight Packing/Shipping: $511.98

Lighthouse Lighting Accessories

Don’t forget to add your Lighting Accessories to your Fenwick Island Lawn Lighthouse

Revolving BeaconsSolar Beacons | Fresnel LensLow Voltage Lighting

Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse
Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse Top
Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse Base
Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse 01
Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse 02
Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse 03
Fenwick Yard and Garden Lawn Lighthouse Beach

Why choose a Lighthouse Man Lighthouse ???

First, the Lighthouse Man is the LEADING manufacturer of custom crafted lawn lighthouses and lighthouse accessories.  In addition we are widely recognized for our high quality lighthouses and our close attention to detail.  For that reason, each Fenwick Island exterior ornamental replica features the following strict criteria:

  • Most Authentic looking lighthouses on the market, Guaranteed !!!
  • Solid Foam Core, will NEVER deteriorate!!!
  • Synthentic Stucco Exterior, Maintenance Free, will not Crack or Delaminate
  • Marine Wood base plate and top.  We only use Marine wood.
  • Exterior grade Marine paint “ONLY” is used for our lighthouses.
  • Aluminum Railings, (Will Not Rust)
  • Cast Aluminum, “Cage” or Top Housing (Factory Cast, Will Not Rust)
  • All Cages come with an Acrylic shatter proof lens. Will not discolor or crack.
  • Detailed Six Paneled Door with Real Trim Molding
  • Custom Crafted Glass Windows with  Trim Molding, and Decorative Curtains.
  • Authentic Top Assembly, with a two-tier catwalk. (Very Authentic in Apperance)
  • Everything is 100% Hand-Painted by detailed artist.  (We do not mass spray like others)
  • All parts and pieces are cut out on CNC machines for 100% accuracy.
  • Comes standard with a regular electic light 40 watt bulb
  • Features 8′ of high quality exteror grade electrical wire and plug.
  • No major assembly required.   We do everything for you!!!
  • Built in the USA, Handcraftted right here in Lewisburg, PA.
  • Rest assured,  We service what we sell.
  • We have replacment parts for our lighthouses.
  • Over 20 plus years of experience building Custom Crafted Lighthouses.

The Deluxe Fenwick Island is fully customizable with a full-range of lighting options.   Therefore, consider taking your garden replica to the next level with one of our rotating beacons.  Likewise, impress your friends and neighbors with our LED Light-up Windows.   In fact we can even help you connect to an existing outdoor low voltage system, or on the other hand just cut the cord completely and go with our top of the line solar beacon that can last 14 days on a single charge.

In addition the Lighthouse Man fully stocks an inventory of  marine custom paint colors.  Thus, we can change any of our deluxe lighthouses to match your decor at no additional cost.

The Fenwick Island Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouse is available is several differents sizes, so whether you have a small patio, or a large yard, we offer the perfect size Fenwick Island  Garden Lighthouse for your needs.

Just not sure ?  Well, We have Options for Everyone !!!

We at the Lighthouse Man know that not everyone wants a Deluxe Lighthouse.  For whatever reason,  that is why we manufacture several different styes or levels of the Fenwick Island lighthouse.  So, if your interested please check out these other options.

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Fenwick Island Deluxe Stucco Lawn Lighthouse

Deluxe Stucco Fenwick Island

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